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Australia - Man Wanted Over Teens Remains Found In Barrel Remains In Standoff

A man wanted in connection to the remains of a missing teenage Brisbane girl that were found in a barrel remains in a standoff with police. The area surrounding the home of Zlatko Sikorsky was cordoned off and a neighbor was recently allowed to leave after a long night listening to negotiations between the suspect and negotiators. Sacha Pavlovic was allowed to leave with clothes in hand after asking a police officer to escort him out of the cordoned area.

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Pavlovic said he was about 20-25 meters away from the unit negotiating with Sikorsky and overheard much of the conversation. "I could hear the negotiator say to him ‘that’s not going to happen, that’s not going to happen," Pavlovic said. He added that at times the demands became very loud, especially around 3:30-4:00 p.m. which is when the siege first started. Nearby residents were forced to endure a sleepless night at the loud siege turned into a standoff.

Despite a restless night, Pavlovic says he felt safe due to the large police presence. "The cops have been great," he said. Police Superintendent Darryl Johnson said the siege is still ongoing but negotiations with Sikorsky continue. So far, there is no sign that Sikorsky will surrender but it is unclear why police aren't entering the home. Sikorsky is wanted for questioning after the remains of a teenage girl were found shoved inside a barrel.

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Zlatko Sikorsky has been wanted by police since Wednesday after the remains of 16-year-old Brisbane girl Larissa Beilby were found. Local news reports up to 40 police officers and Specialist Emergency Response Team personnel are involved in the standoff. Sikorsky has been holed up in the Sunshine Coast unit in the Alexandra Headland complex for over 20 hours. The complex has been evacuated and the surrounding streets remain closed off.

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Supt Johnson said, "We’ve seen these situations go for lengthy periods. It’s taking its toll on our police who are on the ground as well. We are doing all we can to resolve it as quickly as we can."

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Anonymous No. 30073 2018-06-30 : 10:50

Sounds like they have him over a barrel.

tab No. 30078 2018-06-30 : 12:56

if that were my daughter, i'd go in and get him by myself and it wouldn't be pretty….

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