By: Steve Dellar | 07-02-2018 | News
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Canada - Will Premier Doug Ford Install An Ontario Burqa Ban?

The first big test for newly sworn in Ontario Premier Mr. Doug Ford arrived today as the wife of jailed Saudi blogger Mr. Raif Badawi, who just naturalized to a Canadian citizen, has launched an appeal to him to follow into Quebec’s footsteps and ban the use of Islamic face coverings in public places in Ontario.

The highly influential Ms Ensaf Haidar, whose husband was persecuted in Saudi Arabia for daring to question the government, claims that the rise of Islamic groups in Ontario worries her and she, therefore, asks Mr. Ford to follow Quebec’s lead and outlaw the Islamic veil like burqa and niqab from all government settings, schools, banks, hospitals and public transportation.

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Although Quebec’s Bill 62, which came into law in October last year and is highly controversial, doesn’t specifically mention burqas or niqabs as it wouldn’t want to pinpoint to any religion, it clearly forbids people from covering their faces while providing and receiving public services.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose government is highly welcoming to asylum seekers, will be looking at Mr. Ford with great unease as polls indicate his government is starting to lag when it comes to support on issues of immigration.

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Ms. Haidar stated in her message to Premier Ford: “As a Canadian who was born in Saudi Arabia under laws of Sharia where human rights are non-existent, I realized the power misogynist men have over powerless women with no rights.

As a refugee in Quebec and Canada, I have noticed the fast growth of Islamist groups loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Saudi clergy imposing the Burqa and enforcing Niqab on girls and women as political flags to mark jihadi territory. Nowhere in Islam is a woman required to cover her face. This is medievalist misogyny [sic] that treats women as animals and property of men and shamed into attire that befits slavery, not humanity.”

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“It is for this reason that on the first day as a Canadian I have raised the issue of banning the Burqa and Niqab in Ontario as I feel Premier Ford is a man who will listen to my plea and end the war by deception being waged by Islamists against Canadian values.”


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