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Utah - Family Harassed Over Camping Spot Given Truck Overhaul By Diesel Brothers

As Jose Caballero's truck pulled off a dirt road in the distance he could hardly recognize it as his same truck when it was returned to him Tuesday afternoon. "It's that one," he asked in confusion. "Are you sure?" The stars of the Discovery Channel's Diesel Brothers, Dave "Heavy D" Sparks, decided to help out the Caballeros by upgrading Jose's truck after seeing how the family was treated by county workers in a YouTube video which is featured below.

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After seeing the video, Heavy D contacted Jose and offered to give his truck a makeover for how he handled the situation with the raging county workers.

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He was surprised to find out that many other people wanted to help the Caballero family and donated toward the makeover. The end result was a massively overhauled version of Jose's truck that not even he could recognize. "It snowballed into this insanely big project," Heavy D said. "We took that base truck, which had you know, good bones and we basically just spun it into something brand new."

Jose's 2006 Ford F350 got several new parts including a whole new body, way more than he expected. "I think it’s too much," Jose said.

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Jose's son explained that his father expected to get maybe a new tire because one was flat but nothing like this. But that wasn't all. Heavy D took the family further down the road and revealed a brand new camping trailer, off-road buggy, kayaks and a trailer to tow it all. "I want to say thank you to everybody. Because a lot of people … they worked hard on that truck," Jose said. "We got good people here in Utah."

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