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Mexican Cartel Armed Carjacking Near Texas Border City Too Close for Comfort

There's horrific footage circulating on the internet of a Mexican drug cartel engaged in an armed assault and carjacking, and it's just too close to the Texas border cities of Hidalgo and McAllen for most Texans at this point.

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Car thefts occur on a regular basis as do shootouts in the city of Reynosa, where as<a href=""> Breitbart Texas </a>reports, the cartel faction which is known as “Los Metros” has been involved in nearly 500 homicides with their opposition, the “Gulf Cartel,” since just May of 2017 alone


Some would call it a war zone. Horrific executions occur, civilians are robbed at gunpoint several times a day, and the US border is literally close enough to throw a rock and hit Texas.

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Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico has several border crossings into Texas, most infamously at the Hidalgo border, where for just $1 any pedestrian can walk into Hidalgo, and for $3 motor vehicles and trucks can travel through.

It makes it extremely easy for drug cartel trafficking to transport narcotics into the United States of America repeatedly throughout the day, and it's something that seems to happen more frequently than the media talks about.

Citizen journalists were responsible for filming the carjacking in the video which is now spreading across social media, and Texans are worried that the violence will spill across the border, and in some cases it already has.

As Mexican authorities try and crack down on the cartel fighting, many political figures are assassinated, and law enforcement who do obey the legislation of Mexico are killed or have their families kidnapped.

The Trump Administration’s efforts to stop the cartel trafficking and violence could easily be settled with a border wall, of which Congress has failed to provide the funding towards, and now the violence is reaching closer to the doorsteps of Americans with each passing day.

Americans can become proactive and contact their Representatives demanding that President Trump's border wall is funded, and they should be doing this on a daily basis. You have no idea how much power you have, and it's time to raise hell to “Keep America Great.”

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the House of Representatives.</a>

<a href="">Click here to find your elected officials in the United States Senate.</a>

We have a war occurring on our borders, meanwhile, American forces are spread out in conflict all throughout the Middle East.

Most would suggest it's time to bring our troops home and secure the places where American families are trying to live long and prosper, instead of fighting senseless quagmires that do not benefit the American people.

The President of the United States of America will not sit idly by and allow the bloodshed to reach the homes of Americans, but if Democrats regain control of Congress, you can rest assured that no wall funding will ever take place.

For the Mexican families living amidst this violence, they're also praying that a leader rises up in Mexico to stop the senseless crime and death of their own, which is why populist candidates have gained momentum in the last year.

What is no doubt certain, Americans will one day have to stoop a full frontal invasion from the cartel gangs in Mexico, and the National Guard will have to remain on the border indefinitely until a wall is built to protect the citizens of the United States of America from Mexico’s corruption.

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Anonymous No. 30633 2018-07-07 : 17:29

The government needs to offer $100 for each spic scalp turned in.

Tab No. 30634 2018-07-07 : 17:30

looks like the criminals are running the area. they aren't afraid of the police and are armed like a military.

BennyJ No. 95079 2020-05-05 : 14:49

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