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California – Wildfires Consume Dozens Of Homes (Video)

Rapidly spreading wildfires have caused thousands of people in the US state of California to flee their homes. The combination of strong winds and high temperatures means some 20 homes were already reduced to ashes in Santa Barbara County and San Diego County. The Californian governor declared a state of emergency.

County officials claimed the fires were “causing conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property.”

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In Santa Barbara the fires started on Friday and some 2,000 people were evacuated from their homes as a precaution. Thousands of others are without electrical power. Thanks to Governor Jerry Brown declaring that said state of emergency, the fire brigade now has extra means to fight the various fires.

So far 1 person has died.

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Mr George Lucia, a fire chief who worked in several cities in the county and has by now retired, commented: “Historically, fire season in San Diego has occurred during the fall, when the Santa Ana winds come charging through the brush fueling wildfires, but now San Diegans are experiencing fire season year-round.”

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“San Diego has been in a long drought and the recent rains that we had didn’t help; they just ran off into tributaries.”

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The state’s fire department warned that California's largest wildfire of the year so far, the County Fire, is bound to grow in size and activity as strong winds and higer temperatures return to Yolo and Napa counties.


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Anonymous No. 30662 2018-07-08 : 12:12

Aside from the camping idiots and ECO-Arsonists or Rich Envying Liberals trying burn out humans.

California Wild Fires have been a common part of nature there, and have documented by the earliest settlers (1600's) .

When you build in HIGH FIRE RISK ZONES you get what you decided on eventually.

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