By: Savannah Smith | 07-08-2018 | News
Photo credit: Edgewater Police Department

93-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up To See A Naked Man in Her Bedroom

Sleep is very important for the elderly and should not be interrupted as much as possible but a 93-year-old Florida woman was rudely awakened by a terrifying and scandalous sight when she saw a naked man inside her bedroom.

Police said the naked man broke into the elderly woman’s home while she was sleeping. The woman woke up to see the intruder going through all her drawers and closet.

The elderly recalled: “’He was naked. I screamed and he hollered, and then he ran out.”

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Edgewater Police Department officers identified the suspect as Shawn Plotts and said he ransacked the elderly woman’s home. After Plotts fled, the woman’s belongings were scattered everywhere, along with broken glass in the kitchen. The woman’s TV was also taken off the wall.

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The officers found a screen on the ground near the back door of the woman’s home, which they believe Plotts used to enter the home. Investigators also said they saw his footprints in her home, along with an empty candy wrapper and chocolate smudges on her phone.

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The police eventually found Plotts walking nearby the woman’s residence. They approached him, and they found the woman’s license, car keys and her credit cards in his pockets when they checked him.

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Plotts was arrested on multiple charges.


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