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North Korea Psyop: Is Kim A CIA Sponsored Boogeyman?

While I potwas in Singapore for the Trump/Kim Summit, The Goldwater took some time to interview dissident artist, history buff and para-political researcher Charles Krafft about what he thought about what was going on. Charles put forth the idea that Kim was really more of a CIA boogeyman, similar to the long-time friend of the Bush family, bin Laden. This was a bit hard to wrap my head around to at first, but the more I looked into it, the more plausible it seemed.

Charles did a series of teapots with notorious and infamous figures “people that the media was dumping on” and chose figures like Aleister Crowley, Charles Manson, Hitler and Kim Jong Il. Charles feels that the Kims honestly got a bad rap. Mr. Krafft had spent time in the 90’s with the Slovenian art collective Neue Slovene Kunst (NSK) who are notable in being the only Western group to have ever played in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Little is known about Kim Jong Un’s early life, fitting in with the “hall of mirrors” that is part and parcel of many a psyop. Kim likely spent his early years studying near Berne, Switzerland at the private English-language International School in Gümligen. At this time he was said to be living under an assumed name, likely Chol-pak or Pak-Chol from 1993 to 1998. Supposedly the officials at the school were aware of Kim's true identity but were pleased to "forge links" to the hermit nation.

In 2012 however, some documents revealed that Jong Un may have lived in Switzerland as early as 1991 or 1992. Some claim that pictures of the young Kim in Switzerland are actually of his brother, but the Laboratory of Anatomic Anthropology at the University of Lyon, France has reported that a 95% conformity seems to exist between Pak-un and Kim Jong in 2012. Raoul Perrot, the lead forensic anthropologist believes its likely the same person.

Reuters reported that Kim and his father had forged passports supposedly from Brazil in the mid-90’s that they used to apply for visas in different countries. Krafft cites Jay Dyer as the man to have planted the idea in his head that Kim and NoKo were actually a CIA psyop.

Who even is Kim is a good question. He's gone by many names and lived in many places. He was “Joseph Pwag” according to papers (ostensibly) obtained from the Embassy of Brazil in Prague. Even his age is in question. Kim’s birthdate (according to various sources) is in the year 1982, 1983 and 1984.

“I don’t know what to think,” Charles said, “I think Kim Jong Un was educated at Switzerland at fancy private schools that the rest of the world leaders sent their kids to.”

This ploy is in keeping with the Reagan policy of pinning white hats and black hats on potential allies and enemies. What's the point of all this though? “Keeping us in a state of fear that something global is going to unfold. Nuclear standoff or that kind of thing.”

The computers NoKo are using are so old they couldn’t possibly be using them to surveil their populace and launch these supposed rockets.

If this is so, the Summit could possibly be a sign that a “boogeyman” in the region is no longer needed. China is becoming something of a super-capitalist state. The belt and road initiative had already been discussed and both North and South Korea were willing to allow tracks to run straight through to the “multi-polar one world government” I think the trade alliance of which China is a great part is going to be part of the multi-polar new world order along with the incredible one road program, where they’re building the Orient Express.

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The buildup to the Summit was slow but steady. North and South Korea had agreed to allow tracks to run through before the so-called “peace Olympics” which all preceded the Trump/Kim Summit.

As for what's next, Charles said he wasn't sure, but he guesses that "little by little we’re going to be introduced to the idea of China being a leader of the global economy." China is already a leader in the world economy, it and India being the fastest growing worldwide and 1/3 of the global economy itself. Charles feels that these new trade alliances born out of plans like the Belt and Track initiative are the latest iteration of the world bank scam.

<a href=“”>Jay Dyer had a few things to say</a> about what just doesn’t quite add up:

The first question that should be asked by people with any brain cells left to rub together is, how does a country that the media says is a “hermit nation” closed off to the West manage to have all these picture perfect photo ops that filter out to all the western media? Just like with Bin Laden, who was wanted in connection to the 1993 bombings, no one can seem to “get inside” North Korea, and “secret videos” have to be shot that “leak” to tabloids.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:480px;">

<a href=“”>The Atlantic pointed out</a> photoshopped images that were passed off as evidence of a “North Korean invasion.”

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:480px;">

Multiple pictures of a near-empty room with a blue garage door double as the nuclear program and space facility. Another image shows scientists possibly playing Pong (?!?) on computers that look like they have the capacity of a Commodore 64 or an old Tandy from the era when Radio Shack didn’t just exist but was still relevant. It also begs the question of how AP reporters were allowed <i>inside</i> these “top secret facilities.”

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All this got me thinking and so I had to do a little more digging. Sure enough, I found much more that suggested the possibility that not all was what it seems in the shadowy land of the DPRK. What’s more, the scant bit of research I did is likely not even the tip of the iceberg here.

A Japanese government source told the paper Asahi Shimbun (widely regarded as one of the most respected sources for journalism in Japan), "There must be many secrets between the United States and North Korea that Japan does not know about." Asahi also referred to other “knowledgeable sources” who had said that the US had “often misunderstood North Korea and as a result has misled Japan and South Korea in assessing its nuclear capabilities.”

The Japanese paper notes that analyzing NoKo is best done via closely monitoring peripheral activities like equipment delivery, site security level and traffic between nuclear-related facilities. That said, this only gives a partial picture due to the “thousands of underground facilities.” The US, Japan and South Korea estimated tunnel depths by analyzing the amount of soil removed at the site.

The February 15, 2013 article has since been <a href= “”> not only scrubbed from the site but took some time to locate</a> using archiving means. The reason for this is not clear but could be due either to sensitive information shared or even possibly to safeguard against diplomatic incident. The article is very clear in explaining the Japanese intelligence community’s perspective that “Japan and the United States are not allies when it comes to nuclear matters,” this from a supposed government source “responsible for North Korean nuclear affairs.”

The article also mentions how the US had even asked South Korea to help foot the bill for light water reactors to North Korea in 1994 as part of a framework agreement that was aimed towards denuclearization. They had argued that North Korea certainly couldn’t last another five years as is, citing the fall of communist regimes in Eastern Europe. Eventually, they argued, the reactors would be theirs anyway after the inevitable reunification.

This is especially interesting in light of reports from Asahi of US military planes flying from air bases in Guam (a US protectorate) to the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang in April and August of 2012.

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Speaking of interesting, those self-same light water reactors were sold to North Korea by a Zurich (yes, Switzerland again) based engineering monolith by the name of ABB. ABB went so far as to open an office in Pyongyang. The reactor deal was part of the Bush administration’s purported attempt to induce Kim Jong Il to play nice, but there’s an interesting Bush connection here as well. Donald Rumsfeld stepped down from his role as a non-executive director at ABB in order to join George W. Bush’s cabinet. Rumsfeld and co. would, of course, refer to North Korea as part of the “Axis of Evil” but in arming them with nuclear reactors was he not partially to blame? Was this even an accident?

Steve LaMontagne, analyst with the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington speculated that: "One could draw the conclusion that economic and personal interests took precedent over non-proliferation."

Within months of Rumsfeld joining the Bush cabinet, then President GWB ended the diplomacy period began by Clinton and in return, Pyongyang announced it would, in turn, begin building nuclear weapons (presumably with the help of the reactors furnished by the company Rumsfeld had just stepped down from).

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Where did Al Qaeda come from, for instance? Long story short, CIA training and arming the Taliban to fight Soviets in the 1980’s would eventually result in the boogeyman of Al Qaeda. Where did ISIS come from? Long story short again, we were funding, training and arming “moderate Muslims” to take out Assad and next thing you know <a href=“”>we have Pentagon armed forces fighting with CIA armed forces</a>.

After a while of this happening over and over again it begins to look less and less like an accident and more and more like a pattern.

We are told of how insular and guarded North Korea is, but if so how did Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and member of the Bilderberg group manage to find himself there. Eric <a href=“”>traveled with his 19-year-old daughter Sophie and Bill Richardson</a> (former Energy Committee under Clinton and described by some sources as the US’s “bagman” for NoKo payoffs). Richardson, also a former UN Ambassador and Schmidt were notably silent about the reasons for and events that transpired during the mysterious North Korean trip in 2013.

Google described it as <a href=“”>“not an official visit” and the State Department described it as “unhelpful”</a>. Google remained tightlipped apart from maintaining Schmidt was acting only in a “personal capacity.”

Kim had been <a href= “”>photographed with Kobe Bryant and Toni Kukoc of the Lakers and Bulls</a> while he was still living under an alias in Switzerland. He also <a href=“”>secretly visited Disneyland several times as a child</a>. Just imagining the logistics of Kim Jong Il and his young son making their way through the US immigration line is astounding.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:480px;">

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kim also spent time in Japan in the early 90’s. Once again, multiple passports and aliases were used. The Brazilian passports were used to enter Japan, then in Vienna Kim was able to obtain Japanese visa under the assumed name of Joseph Pak. Kim’s half-brother Jong-nam wasn’t so lucky. He was deported from Japan in 2001 when he tried to enter on a forged Dominican passport. Jong-nam reported that he was attempting to see Tokyo Disneyland. By the way, despite the supposed enmity against all things Western. Kim recounts how his father had him watch hours of Disney programming as a child and to this day the adult Kim occasionally enjoys unauthorized Disney stage shows.

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Berne, by the way, has long been a hotbed of CIA activity. In 1943, Allen Dulles, future director of the CIA moved to Bern. Sure it’s mostly circumstantial evidence, but such is the case when chasing the truth in the intelligence community’s hall of mirrors.

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joe No. 30806 2018-07-09 : 18:13

its all a magic act! our gov has americans so divided and mad about Trump(whether ur 4him or against him)that our eye isnt on the ball! americans rlike a horse with blinders focus is just whats in front and thats everything Trump! i doubt potus&those againsy him reven part of it! deepstate is tapped n2 americas feelings and emotions were not paying attention and at some point its going to be to late! read ur bible thats when tbe antichrist takes the stage! all this crap we tske notice of is insugnificent it golbal donination tgats the goal and who wants that? Satan the antichrist! believe it or not but ull see!

Anonymous No. 30789 2018-07-22 : 17:16

While I potwas in Singapore, I potwas hungry, and I potwas able to buy weird ice cream, but I potwas born in McMinnville Tennessee, so I potwas too broke to buy it, because I potwas paid my bonus in gasoline and bullets.

Anonymous No. 30790 2018-07-22 : 17:23

"Charles did a series of teapots" That's not an ambiguous statement at all, Lil Philip.

Anonymous No. 30791 2018-10-01 : 16:32

I just read it and it made sense to me. "Charles" is a researcher and artist, he did a series of teapots. Try re-reading it S L O W L Y.

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