By: Steve Dellar | 07-10-2018 | News
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Texas - Army Vet Considers Divorce To Pay For Disabled Daughter’s Health Care (Video)

Tragedy has struck a loving Texas couple who are considering a great sacrifice in order to be able to continue paying for the healthcare of their disabled child.

Army veteran Mr Jake Grey explains that $15,000 of his $40,000 a year salary goes to the healthcare of their disabled daughter Brighton, who is six years old but due to a genetic chromosomal disorder known as Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, functions like a newborn.

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Maria and Jake love each other very much still but say that the costs of taking care of Brighton are having them contemplate a very difficult decision: divorce so Maria could be listed as a single and unemployed mother. In that case, she could qualify for Medicaid.

The couple, who live in Sanger along with their two daughters, Brighton, six, and Fairen, two, explained.

She said: “When you have a newborn everything gets really stressful and you have to really adapt to somebody needing you 24/7… we've had a newborn for six and a half years. I was scared of what would come or what bill would come or what denial would come.”

As both Jake and Maria feel that their children’s well-being comes first, they admitted they are considering divorce simply for the sake of receiving healthcare.

“We promised each other and to her that we would do whatever we could do to make her life - however long she is going to be with us - as good as possible,” Maria explained further, as she believes that they “wouldn't have made it this far without each other.”

Army vet Jake claimed: "We just have struggled and struggled with it. I guess now we've gotten to the point where we feel like divorce is a real possibility.”

Dr. Thad Miller, who works as a health care policy expert for the University of North Texas Health Science Center, admits the couple’s costs are ‘shockingly high.’

He claimed: “I think it speaks to our need to really re-think what we do and how - especially for the most vulnerable.”


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Anonymous No. 30865 2018-07-10 : 14:09

This is what is jacked up with our system as it rewards people for giving up and going full dependent. Kinda like single mothers that are told to quit their jobs so they qualify for more free shit than they can afford with the job. It should reward people that try to support themselves and need help instead of having them go fully on the gov tit.

Rocky Lee No. 30880 2018-07-10 : 17:51

Thanks John McCain for sticking us with the dying Obama Care. Give up the Senate seat of die already.

Rocky Lee No. 30881 2018-07-10 : 17:52

Let's take insurance coverage away from all our politicians and make them get their own. Let McCain go to the VA.

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