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You can't really blame the gay farmers who are stripping naked at work to raise awareness for mental health when you see a new star every week baring it all for a cause like animal furs. Two farmers named Paul and Kerry Wilson were hesitant at first thinking they didn't have the right body type. "Gee whiz, I'm 56. Does it matter?" Kerry asked. The cause they are seeking to raise awareness for is the mental health of Australian farmers.

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Kerry and Paul have been farming just like the five generations of family before them and work together on a farm in the northern rivers of New South Wales. "You carry a lot of guilt thereafter and even before, the 35 years before that when you know that something's not quite right in your head, but you can't quite work it out. Or you're not quite game to go and work through it with anybody. So we've had our fair share of ups and downs and the agricultural industry is a tough gig."

Kerry added that coming out in the Dairy industry was especially difficult. "Oh, it was horrible," he said. "At one stage we thought, OK, we'll just go to Brisbane and start a new life in the city, an anonymous life. But it was a fleeting thought. It wasn't an option because I had three sons." When they considered moving the kids were aged nine, six, and four. "And they by default had to come on the journey with us," Kerry explained. Life continued for Kerry who's former wife supported him.

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"I don't remember ever sitting around with my head in my hands going, 'Oh God, what are we going to do?'" Paul said. It turns out they weren't even the only gays in the village. Despite graying hairs and bodies riddled by time, the couple hoped that going naked would show others that they don't have to be ashamed. "If there's normal, average, mainstream people out there that happen to be gay, and some kid in the bush sees that person or that couple and thinks, 'Oh yeah, that's me,' then we've done our job," Paul said.

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Awesome, more fucking poz

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Do straight farmers protest in similar ways?

WHY the "little exposure" was it a nationwide dating advertisement?

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One last stab at it….

Is that really Swiss cheese or was it poked a lot?☺

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Sodomites should be strangled and thrown into peat bogs.

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what kind of cheese is that?

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This is not helping me feel better mentally.

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just proves there is a big mental health problem in australia! espucally the cheese indusrty! id like to know the cheese brand just in case its sold here! i do not support homos or their cheese ud think there would be a healrh issue at play here!

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Australian Cheese anyone ?

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