By: Earnest Jones | 05-28-2017 | News
Photo credit: Ramsey County Police Department

Tim Kaine's Son Charged With Mahem at Trump Rally

The recent anti-Trump rally was plagued by a violent riot that involved smoke bombing, macing and fireworks. The protesters intended to disrupt a pro-Trump rally that had 400 attendees. Tim Kaine’s son was one of the ten anti-Trump protesters who allegedly caused havoc outside the March 4 rally in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Linwood, ’Woody Kaine has also been accused of obstructing the legal process after he allegedly fled from police and attempted to conceal his identity. His father, Tim Kaine, was Hilary's running mate during the last election.

A statement released on Friday by Ramsey County Attorney John Choi emphasized on the need for people to stop threatening the very foundation of our democracy, adding that people should not seek to prevent others who are peacefully assembled from making their voices heard.

The anti-Trump protesters were apparently demonstrating peacefully at the rally. However, when a group of ten people started causing chaos, things took a different turn. The police revealed that the instigators were five people, including Kaine, who were dressed in black, had covered their faces and were wearing goggles.

Another protester who caused chaos was Anton William Bueckert, police revealed that he sprayed tear gas into the crowd and punched the protesters. Another demonstrator also hit a 61-year-old woman in the head. Fortunately, the Police officers managed to see five people dressed in black leaving the rally and chased after them.

The filed report revealed that Kaine attempted to flee by taking off his clothes. A police officer had to push against the wall and use knee strike to hold him down after he was caught. The charges were filed after the police conducted further investigation.

A statement was released in defense of Kaine by the spokesperson for the Virginia Senator, Miryam Lipper. She said that the announcement of misdemeanor charges against Sen. Kaine’s son contain no suggestion that he engaged in disruptive behavior while at the rally, but are instead focused on his actions as he was arrested after he left.


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