By: Savannah Smith | 07-22-2018 | News
Photo credit: Weber County Sheriff's Office

666: Ogden Man Murders 10-Month-Old Son, Saw Mark of the Beast

An Ogden man is accused of killing his 10-month-old son because he believed his son had “666” on him.

The man has been identified as Alex Hidalgo, 37. Police arrested him on Saturday afternoon after he fled from law enforcement on Friday afternoon. Hidalgo was captured after he had broken into an abandoned residence near 2245 Jefferson Avenue.

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According to the initial investigation, the father was left to watch the baby while the child’s mother ran some urgent errands. The mother, referred only in the police reports as A.D., returned home to find Hidalgo in the front room reading a bible and watching a “video of religious music and sermons.”’

When A.D. asked about their infant child, Hidalgo answered that he “had built an altar like they had talked about”. He also talked about how their son had “666” on him. A.D. initially brushed off what he was discussing as merely a joke.

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The mother, however, got the shock of her life when she found the child’s body wrapped in a garbage bag and stashed in a closet.

With the help of a neighbor, they tried to give the child CPR. Medical personnel arrived shortly but they were unable to resuscitate the child. While they were desperately attempting to revive the infant, Hidalgo fled the scene. The poor child was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Police say a post-mortem examination horrifically showed the boy had been stabbed multiple times in the neck. Investigators also say they recovered blood-soaked towels all over the home and a paring knife in the sink that “was wet as if it had recently been washed.”

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Hidalgo was wearing the same blood-stained clothes when he was arrested.

Hidalgo is being charged with Aggravated Murder for the act of killing the child, Obstruction of Justice for cleaning the blood and destroying evidence, and Desecration of a Human Body for concealing the body first in a garbage bag and then placing it inside a trash can.


The Ogden City Police Department has requested the court that Hidalgo be held without bail as they believe he ”represents a danger to the community and has exhibited a likelihood to flee prosecution.”

It is not clear if Hidalgo has some mental issues or if he’s a member of any fanatical or fundamentalist religious organization. It remains unclear what fully triggered him to see the “666” mark and mercilessly kill his child.


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Anonymous No. 32117 2018-07-23 : 10:22

"has mental issues or if he’s a member of any fundamentalist religious organization" WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Anonymous No. 32118 2018-07-23 : 10:23


gustaave No. 32119 2018-07-23 : 10:26

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Anonymous No. 32120 2018-07-23 : 10:27

how sick!!! poor baby. the wife didn't know or had an inkling all along that her husband is this twisted? she should have never left the baby with him.

Real 'Bean No. 32121 2018-07-23 : 10:27

If true He did us all a huge service actually . The fact that the cops got him and that he'll likely get put Away for life only goes to show that our present society is controlled by The Evil (Trump, Putin etc.) and that our only hope is to rely on these seemingly random heroes foiling Their efforts. Stay safe and ever vigilant, we're in for dark days as They are likely to take out Their revenge on anyone now that the birth has been undone.

Tab No. 32137 2018-07-23 : 13:04

religion is a sickness in itself. case in point….

Anonymous No. 32192 2018-07-23 : 22:38

despicable!!! please don't let him out of jail forever.

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