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Trump Children Meet RNC Leaders to Strategize Trump's 2020 Reelection

President Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric along with his wife Lara, met with Republican leaders at the Republican National Committee headquarters on Thursday to discuss strategy for the 2018 midterm election and the 2020 presidential election where Trump is expected to run for another four-year term.

The Trump children spent about two hours in the GOP offices in Washington, D.C. The trio played active roles as volunteers in Trump’s successful campaign last year. Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. are now in charge of running the Trump Organization.

The Washington Post reported that the Trump’s children attendance in the party meeting “bothered” two prominent Republicans and questioned if the move was “appropriate.” Two other insiders familiar with the session defended, however, that it was appropriate for the Trump children to attend the gathering since the children, who will also help run the President’s reelection bid, need to know what would be helpful to Trump before the two incoming elections.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, RNC chief of staff Sara Armstrong, former Trump campaign digital strategist Brad Parscale, Trump campaign committee director Michael Glassner, and former White House deputy chief of staff Kate Walsh, now an adviser to a nonprofit group that supports Trump, also attended the gathering.

Trump even prior to taking his oath as the 45th U.S. President in January this year revealed in an interview that he has already come up with a slogan for his 2020 reelection bid. It is a logical follow-up to his 2016 compelling and winning Make America Great Again or #MAGA. For 2020, Trump thought of “Keep America Great!”. Trump also instructed his lawyer to have the new slogan trademarked, and insisted that the exclamation point should not be forgotten, as it adds emphasis on the fervent goal.


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Anonymous No. 3226 2017-05-29 : 04:49

>Keep America Great

But Trump never actually made America great?

Anonymous No. 3227 2017-05-29 : 05:12

shut up! he's making it great again…!

Anonymous No. 3499 2017-06-09 : 22:25

Uday and Qusay hopefully will be living in "exile " w/Snowden. Now they can rip off Russian sick kids

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