By: Savannah Smith | 07-24-2018 | News
Photo credit: Glenn Peterson

Florida - Officer Blocks Traffic So Family of Ducks Can Safely Cross Busy Road

A Clearwater Police Department officer made the quick and tough decision to block traffic on one of this Florida city’s busiest roads Monday afternoon not to respond to a crime but to accommodate very special “guests”- that is, to give way to a family of ducks to safely cross the street.

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The officer knew right away that the duck family needed some help so he made sure that mother duck and her six babies will safely make it across the road. He accomplished that by turning on his cruiser’s flashing lights and blocking traffic at the intersection of Lake Avenue.

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Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard can be a very busy area in Clearwater. No one seemed to have complained for the short stalled traffic because of the initiative of the gentleman identified only as Officer Richmond who lent a helping hand to the family of ducks. In fact, one car owner saw Officer Richmond’s kind deed and recorded the incident of the ducks crossing. Peterson passed on the video to the Clearwater Police Department.

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The Clearwater Police Department, in turn, posted the video on their social media account, with a special shout out to Officer Richmond and citizen Glenn Peterson. The post read: “Forget the whole chicken-crossing-the-road scenario: Why did the officer use his patrol vehicle this afternoon to block traffic at busy Lake Avenue and Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard? To help the mother duck and her little babies make it safely across the road. Great work by Officer Richmond to provide safe passage for our feathered friends. Thanks to Glenn Peterson for passing along the video to us!”

Some find the gesture of the officer simply “quacktastic!”


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Nellie No. 32248 2018-07-24 : 15:04

Good job. Thank God for the law enforcement and security.

Anonymous No. 32258 2018-07-24 : 16:56

how the fuck is this news? Samantha Smith is a dumb, worthless slut

tab No. 32260 2018-07-24 : 17:07

@ 32249: BECAUSE, kindness is contagious. unfortunately you are immune. ;-)

Anonymous No. 32266 2018-07-24 : 17:22

at least it was corrected. that it was fabricated, unlike the real vile 32258 spews.

Anonymous No. 32276 2018-07-24 : 19:30

Thank God for white people.

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