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Canada - Brutal Assault By Cop Or Just Doing His Job?

A Canadian police officer named Corey McArthur is facing an assault charge this week after his handling of a restrained teen went viral online. The video first surface don and shows McArthur delivering a vicious elbow strike to the head of a teen on September 2016. The assault took place in the Guelph General Hospital emergency department. Is there any justification for striking a teen in the head so hard he needed stitches when he is already restrained?

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That is something only a coward and bully does, but when led up to the situation? The video is only less than a minute long and does not show what happened which required the teen to be restrained. McArthur is a veteran Guelph police officer and says PTSD is to blame for the assault caused by the death of a fellow police officer in 2013. Charges weren't filed until hospital staff brought the video to the attention of police.

Prosecutor Michael Carnegie called the incident "cringe-worthy" when the video was shown in court and said, "The public expects that when an individual is placed in police custody, that, however difficult, that individual will be kept safe." Maybe the assault could be excused and the deal McArthur was handed that allowed him not to be charged if he didn't get in trouble for three years would make sense if it wasn't his THIRD assault charge.

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In 2014, McArthur was charged with assault causing bodily harm but got off with barely a slap on the wrist. In 2010 he was able to weasel out of taking responsibility for another assault with an unconditional discharge. A local resident who did not want to be identified due to fear of retribution from Guelph police said, "He didn’t even apologize when given the chance by a judge, what does that tell you about McArthur’s character? Not even an apology for his vicious attack, it’s disgusting, he’s disgusting and you can bet your life he’ll get away with it. The police here always do, the entire justice system in Canada is corrupt."

Yet another resident asks, "Why weren’t other Guelph cops charged for failing to report the offense?" If McArthur's defense of being under the influence of a "PTSD" episode and that induced the attack would it not be reasonable to infer that another such event could happen perhaps involving a firearm next time? What do you think, should McArthur remain a cop or be terminated and barred from over being in law enforcement again.

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