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Florida - Former Gators Coach Accused Of Physical, Mental Abuse By Athletes

Undercover video of former University of Florida players telling of a history of physical and mental abuse at the hands of Urban Meyer, the current head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. The videos were released in a report by Project Veritas and were filmed in various meetings during 2017 and 2018, all of which are said to take place in various parts of the country.

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Featured in the videos are four players that played at one time or another under Urban Meyer's time as head coach of the Florida Gators. The players allege Meyer would abuse them with no regard for their health or well being. An example cited by a player revealed an incident that saw a fellow teammate named Omarius Hines severely injured. The injury took place during a weight training session that Meyer called "The Valentine's Day Massacre".

Nixon said, " They had a guy’s quads explode in the weight room on the leg press during what we call the Valentine’s Day Massacre. You basically do everything until failure and the lactic acid had built up in his legs so much that his quads literally exploded, they erupted, and he had to be taken out in an ambulance."

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The injury was also witnessed by another teammate named Josh Evans. Evans played for University of Florida from 2009 to 2012 and corroborated the allegations. "We had a guy on a leg press machine… Guy had probably about six plates on each side of the leg press. So [the coach] blew the whistle as he goin’, and the whole team kinda came over there like go, pushing, pushing, pushing. He got to about 38 [reps,] blew, the sides of his quads just erupted, boom. Legs, screaming, had to take him to the hospital."

The culture of "manhood" that Coach Meyer is alleged to have fostered was really an environment where injuries would go unreported or mocked. Another incident Nixon described involved a freshman for Meyer's 2010 Florida Gator team named Gideon Ajagbe. The student contracted a severe infection in his shoulder that ultimately led to hospitalization but before that, he was forced to practice and constantly ridiculed for being sick.

Nixon claimed Ajagbe "was literally dying" and at the same time he had "bacteria eating the muscle in his shoulders" he was forced to carry "a 45-pound plate over his head… he was crying." Nixon explains how he believes Meyer's and his staff "didn’t adequately acknowledge" the injury and Ajagbe himself confirmed his words.

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Ajagbe said, "… it was bad. A lot of what played into my depression was they humiliated me. They thought I was trying to skip out on practice… the word they used, imma be frank, they said I was a puy. They’re like man, you’re a puy, you’re soft, you’re this, you’re that… There was one day, my arm was literally dangling like I couldn’t lift my shoulder… And they were like everybody run like Gideon… The whole team, like everyone, was laughing at me."

Another former Florida Gator named William Green spoke of other incidents including "mat drills" where players "would literally get like choked out… the whole idea behind it…. you'd have to wrestle, and it wasn’t like normal wrestling. It was like you both stand up… and there was and there was this one mat… and you gotta crawl across the mat. These guys on top of you. It’s his job to not let you get across the mat, and they literally get up on there and choke you. And you might go to sleep… It’s extremely unnecessary. We don’t talk about the stuff we used to do is not normal, at all. It just wasn’t."

Nixon added that Meyers would "grab a Gatorade bottle… and throw it at you." He added, "I’m sure he thought he was joking, but it’s a f*cking full bottle of Gatorade, and he’s chucking it at people."

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Anonymous No. 33020 2018-08-03 : 10:08

Physical & Abuse by a sports coach wow!

In this new Touchy Feely world does that mean he kicked their butts to do better and yelled at them trying to get them to be all they could be on a Free Scholarship ride? Or was he vicious and outright tyrannical?

If true and not some 2nd string cut player crying…..

Where was the Team Doctor in all this?

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