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Michigan - Move Over, Uber, Here Come The More Scenic Horse Buggy Rides

Move over, Uber and other ride-sharing applications as one man in Michigan dared to be “innovative” by bringing back something old - and adding “horsepower” to ride sharing.

Timothy Hochstedler from St. Joseph County calls it Amish Uber, a more scenic alternative and a different experience from the usual ride sharing modes. The newest taxi service in Colon offers four wheels, four legs, and good gas mileage. Inside Hochstedler’s horse and buggy, people share a ride and the mood inside is always jolly and light, never stressful as Hochstedler leads with sharing some stories.

Hochstedler’s different ride can indeed give Uber some stiff competition. He says: "Uber is a cool thing, every single year something new comes in and Uber is hot right now, so we have the Amish Uber. We can deliver people to their front doorsteps.”

The ride costs $5 for each person, a steal given the riding experience it offers as riders get a chance to see Colon without the distraction of driving a car. Those wanting a ride also need no cellphone to do so, they can just flag down Hochstedler and get a ride right there and then.

The riders’ feedback on the Amish Uber has been smashing, too. Bruce Jordan took his grandkids on an Amish Uber ride after traveling from Grand Rapids. He says of the fun experience: “It was fascinating. It’s not an activity you typically associate with the Amish.”

Hochstedler is also confident of the strength and stamina of his horse, especially as he says his horse has such a fondness for people. The “driver”’ says: “He loves people. He's a Morgan. A Morgan is a people's horse. They love giving you a kiss or whatever.”

The Amish Uber is not connected to Uber the company. Hochstedler just used it for easier recall, it seems. But looks like he and his ride have made their mark already- with or without Uber in their name.


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