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Photo credit: Kayseri Police/The Goldwater

Turkish Serial Killer "The Hunter" Murders Again One Year After Release

A remorseless Turkish serial killer who earned the nickname "The Hunter" has killed again - one year after his release from prison. 39-year-old Hamdi Kayapınar has been jailed again following an investigation into the August 2 murder of a security guard. The victim was identified as Sami Yilmaz who worked at a villa in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri.

When questioned by investigators, Kayapınar admitted to killing the security guard because he "liked his gun." Police raided Kayapınar's home and found several firearms including pistols and shotguns. Kayapınar was released from prison in February 2017 after serving time for killing a total of seven people including his brother.

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The raid of Kayapınar's home also turned up the security guard's cell phone as well as various gear he used to carry out the murder such as gloves and a ski mask. Kayapınar first started to gain his reputation as a serial killer in 1994 when at the age of 14 when he smothered his younger brother to death. After serving four years in prison for the crime, he was released due to a loophole in the Conditional Release Law.

Between 1998 and 2001, Kayapınar would go on to murder half a dozen people and injured nearly a dozen police officers. He became known as "The Hunter" after he described himself as "hunting" his victims. He also referred to property he stole during his crimes as "hunting spoils."

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During his subsequent trial, Kayapınar told the judge he began murdering people out of hatred for society. He said his hatred began after he was disowned by his family and shunned by his community for killing his brother.

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