By: Savannah Smith | 08-08-2018 | News
Photo credit: Brooklyn Detention Complex

New York - Super-Predators Beat Down Correction Officer (Video)

An inmate turned violent and attacked a correction officer. The disturbing incident was caught on video where the poor jail officer was left unconscious from the horrific beating.

The incident took place at the Brooklyn Detention Complex about 1:40 p.m. Tuesday. Law enforcement sources confirmed it as well as the authenticity of the video showing the entire encounter.

Video of the Tuesday attack shows how the correction officer was badly beaten by an inmate who had been arrested on murder charges. The disturbing surveillance video shows the concerned correction officer closing a gate within a stairwell, when all of a sudden, an inmate runs up the staircase, opens the gate and at first appears to merely be confronting the officer caught off guard.

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Two more inmates then also enter the gated area and corner the officer, before leaving. After a few moments, the officer appears to regain some composure and pepper sprays esteemed inmate Pariis Tillery. The animal then punches the officer repeatedly in the face until he falls to the floor.

Police sources confirmed that the correction officer was left unconscious from the beating, with a broken nose and jaw.

Tillery is accused of killing Rysheen Ervin on Sept. 21, 2016. The victim then was shot multiple times in East New York. State Senator Jesse Hamilton witnessed the incident.

On Wednesday, a second correction officer was attacked by five Blood gang members. Additional information on the incident, including the officer's condition, and which jail the assault happened at, were not yet available.

The Correction Officers' Benevolent Association President Elias Husamudeen released a statement condemning the brutal attack against the still unnamed correction officer that took place on Tuesday.

Husamudeen said that the incident marks the third assault on one of their correction officers in less than two weeks. He also confirmed that the officer is being treated in the hospital for his injuries.

Questions were brought to Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Cynthia Brann demanding to know what is being done to prevent these assaults from happening again

The statement dared to ask de Blasio and Brann: “What are you doing to stop these emboldened inmates who are assaulting Correction Officers nearly every week? What do you have to say to this officer and to his family who is suffering because of your failed policies? This officer needs more than just a phone call from you!”


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tab No. 33435 2018-08-09 : 00:59

put THE SAVAGES on death row!

Anonymous No. 33436 2018-08-09 : 01:08

"super predators" is a racial slur for niggers invented by Hillary Clinton. it is, in fact, the only female invention

Anonymous No. 33441 2018-08-09 : 04:14

This is a JAIL, not a prison, and jail guards are NOT 'corrections officers'. Corrections is a term reserved for prisons. Plus, the wimpy guard sprayed the guy with mace, so of course he got his ass kicked. Fuck him.

Anonymous No. 33434 2018-10-04 : 10:47

Big dude picking on a smaller dude

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