By: Savannah Smith | 08-14-2018 | PedoGate
Photo credit: Fulton County District Attorney's Office

Georgia - Pedo Befriends Girl At A Park; Finds Her Online, Visits Home to Abuse Her

It was a shocking, deplorable and disgusting case of a pedophile targeting an innocent child at the park and pursuing her online in order to carry out his vile and obscene desires to sexually abuse the young girl.

Then 26 years old, Allen Harris met his victim, an 11-year-old girl at a park in Union City in 2016. He specifically asked her age, and she answered matter of factly. Later that year, he claimed he found her on Instagram and started messaging her. The girl remembered the much older man she met at the park. She asked him if her new online “friend” is the same man she met that summer at the park. He denied it.

Harris, however, managed to keep chatting with the girl on social media for about a month. Prosecutors said that within that period, he was able to steer their conversations to sexual acts he was fantasizing to do with her as he horrifically attempted to lure her in “dirty talks.”

And then on January 17, 2017, he finally made his boldest and most vicious move. He took an Uber ride to the girl’s house. For some reason, he was able to convince her to bring him to her bedroom. There, the predator pedophile started his abuses. He kissed the victim. He bit the child’s neck. The animal even allegedly performed sexual acts on the girl. He only left the house at the unholy hour of 4 a.m.

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The abuses would have gone unnoticed and unreported if not for the girl’s mother discovering by chance sexually graphic messages from Harris on her daughter’s tablet. The mother swiftly took her daughter to the Chattahoochee Hills Department and showed to the investigators the disgusting, graphic messages.

One of the horrible messages found included the horrific statement Harris sent to the girl following his exploits of her at her bedroom that read: “You had fun? Guess it was meant for me to run into you again.”

Police arrested the pedophile on February 12, 2017. Harris admitted to the police that he met the girl at the park in July 2016. He also admitted to sending nude photos of himself to the girl. The pedophile confessed to his biggest sin of all- having sex with her.

During the trial, Harris claimed that the girl lied about her age on Instagram, saying she was 16, instead of 11.

A jury found pedophile Harris guilty of aggravated child molestation, statutory rape and electronically furnishing obscene materials to a child. He sentenced on August 13.

Authorities say parents need to closely guide their children in order to protect them from such predators as Harris. Parents are encouraged to check more online safety tips for parents by visiting the National Crime Prevention Council's website.


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Anonymous No. 33900 2018-08-14 : 17:51

Dirty friggin pig. Cut the bastards balls and crank off and let him bleed out!

Anonymous No. 33903 2018-08-14 : 18:11


Ed Loubriel No. 33904 2018-08-14 : 18:18

This goes to show society as a whole has lost its way.. This problem is much BIGGER then the media lets out. God help us all..

Angela No. 33905 2018-08-14 : 19:59

Hollywood and the media are trying to "normalize" pedophilia. WTF is normal about pedophilia????? These people need to be "hung" in public.

Anonymous No. 33906 2018-08-14 : 20:03

This evil has to be destroyed! So even if they gave this piece of garbage 30 years he will just get out and do it again. Death penalty for these monsters is the only way! Even Jesus said that better they had a milestone put around their neck and be drowned than to bring sin to his little ones!

Castrate Him No. 33907 2018-08-14 : 20:06

Pedophiles belong in fertilizer sacks…

Anonymous No. 33911 2018-08-14 : 20:56

Savannah, you typed "Chattahoochee Hills Department", when you meant to say the Chattahoochee Hills POLICE* Department. Then you typed "He sentenced on August 13", when you meant to type "He WAS* sentenced on August 13th". Is constructing a coherent sentence challenging to you? Did you ever graduate high school?

Anonymous No. 33912 2018-08-14 : 20:59

What kind of mother lets her 11 year old daughter go to the park by herself? What kind of mother leaves her 11 year old daughter alone at home for hours on end, and isn't supervising her even until 4:00 in the morning? The mother needs to be arrested for child neglect, and accessory to the crime. Her daughter needs to be taken away from her. Savannah Smith is unqualified to be a news reporter because she's incapable of completing even one news article without making idiotic mistakes that the average third-grader would catch.

Anonymous No. 33917 2018-08-14 : 22:55

Moms was pretty lax. Wonder where the baby daddy was? Cycle repeats , follow up in 12 to 15 years for a redux

Anonymous No. 33918 2018-08-14 : 23:07

>>33907 you're actually full of shit, because it's completely natural and Instinct rule for adult males to want to bang a teenage girl, and it's completely natural for teenage girls to want to bang an adult male. However, if you talkin about 11 year olds, it's a completely different story. There's nothing cool or natural about that. I guarantee you that when your mother was 16 she was fucking a 30 year old guy.

Melinda No. 94597 2019-08-02 : 04:24

33911 You are a critical fuck! Is that spelled correctly for you?

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