By: Savannah Smith | 08-15-2018 | News
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Michigan - Group of 4 Girls Fought Off Pervert Abductor With Hot Coffee

Four girls ranging 11 to 14 in age were just hanging out and spending time in a Speedway store in Millington, Michigan when a man tried to abduct one of them from out of nowhere. The group had the presence of mind to fight back including throwing hot coffee on the bad guy to wrestle back their friend and keep her safe.

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The girls told the police the bad guy first went for the youngest of their group, grabbing her around the head and telling her “she was coming with him.” The three other girls quickly rose to the perilous situation and threw hot coffee on the man and kicked him, too, until he let the youngest girl go.

The danger did not end there for the girls as the bad guy identified as 22-year-old Bruce Hipkins then grabbed another girl by the hair. The remaining three girls just renewed their attack against the man until he was forced to release the second girl he tried to abduct.

The first girl the man tried to abduct, 11-year-old Allison Eickhoff said: “’My sister’s friend just kept hitting, kicking and scratching him and I just kept hitting him, too.”

One would think Hipkins would have stopped after two failed attempts to abduct any girl from the feisty, fighting group but apparently, he made a go of his vicious intention by trying a third time.

He grabbed a third girl by the hair next, but again the other three girls fought him by kicking him until he was forced again to free the girl. He tried to flee from the scene but a Speedway employee called 911.

Police arrived to take the girls’ statements. They later arrested Hipkins walking north on M-15 near Ellis Road in Millington. Hipkins was booked into the Tuscola County Jail.

Hipkins was charged with kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, assault with intent to commit sexual penetration and other charges. The police said Hipkins has developmental disabilities.

The youngest girl, Allison, remains shaken from the experience that could have put any one of their lives and safety at risk, but she’s glad they fought hard and collectively at that. The young girl still finds the magnanimity despite her age to wish Hipkins will get the help he badly needs.


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Tab No. 33964 2018-08-15 : 12:44

good for these girls BUT, parents must teach their kids that when in a life threatening situation, poke the perps eyes and kick his balls. eyes, balls, that's all you need to know.

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