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ISIS Sex Slave Met Her Captor On The Streets Of Germany

A Yazidi teenager experienced anyone's worst nightmare: being kidnapped and sold into slavery by the Islamic State. Ashwaq was 14-year-old when she was abducted by the Muslim extremist terror group from her home in northern Iraq. ISIS was responsible was selling thousands of women and young girls into sex slavery. Ashwaq was sold for a mere $100 to a man named Abu Humam.

After being repeatedly raped and beaten for three months, she finally managed to escape and fled to Germany with her mother and one of her brothers. As if surviving this nightmare wasn't enough, Ashwaq was walking on the street outside a supermarket in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany and she heard someone call her name. It was her captor, Abu Humam.

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The pedophile rapist was somehow walking free on the streets of Germany and had found out where Ashwaq was living. "I never in my life believed that I would see something like this in Germany," Ashwaq said. "I left my family and my country and went to Germany to forget the beating and the pain. The last thing I expected was to meet my IS captor and that he would know everything about me."

Ashwaq reported the encounter to the Germany police and even detailed her terrifying experience as a sex slave in Iraq. She was told by authorities to contact the police immediately if she saw Abu Humam again. Ashwaq also says she asked investigators to examine the supermarket's CCTV but says they did not do so. "I waited a whole month," she said. Fearing she would see her captor again and wanting to see her four sisters who had since been rescued from ISIS, Ashwaq returned to her homeland in Iraq.

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"If you haven't been through it, you won't know what it's like… it goes straight to your heart," Ashwaq said. "When a girl is raped by IS, you can't imagine what it's like when you see this guy again." A spokeswoman for Germany's top court named Frauke Köhler said police did everything they could to find Abu Humam.

Activists in Germany say that Ashwaq's story is far from an isolated incident. Düzen Tekkal, an activist and founder of a Berlin-based organization which campaigns for Yazidi rights said he has heard of several cases where female Yazidi refugees encountered Islamic State fighters in Germany. Ashwaq also describes hearing similar accounts from other Yazidi girls confirming that Germany is more of a safe haven for Islamic State Muslim extremist fighters than it is for actual refugees.

Ashwaq also said, "I would never go to Germany again." This begs the question, why are there so many Islamic State fighters roaming free in Germany? And why wasn't getting this pedophile rapist slaver off the streets a higher priority for German police?

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Top 10 awkward casual encounters of all time

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Germanistan Yes!

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Merkelreich is becoming the next islamic state, AND THAT'S A GOOD THING!

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