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Happening Now: South Africa’s Black Racist Governance Steals Farmland in White Genocide Finale

The worst possible fears of the White South African farmers have now become a reality, with those farmers land now officially being taken from them in a Marxist-dream of racial inequality that has oppressed a White minority into one of two options: run and allow the black majority criminal government to take your land, or be killed trying to prevent the overwhelming horde of savages from committing the barbaric murder of your family, simply because you're White.

Local South African news outlet<a href=""> The City Press </a>has begun to report on the real-time unilateral expropriation of White-owned farmland occurrences, from those who have fed the people of their community for several centuries, with two game farms in Limpopo have been the first victims of the oppressive Black supremacist sentiment- which holds only one path towards what it wrongfully foresees as its salvation, killing the white man, and taking from him the civilization he created, if not to destroy it in the process.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">The victims of South Africa's Black on White genocide are living proof of the atrocities of an uncivilized people's ability to be misled into the slaughter of their path towards survival by the most powerful and devious of Marxists as per their planned strategic agenda.</span>

The two-game farms in Limpopo which were targeted today, are the first of what could be many future takedowns of the White-led farming communities, their property stolen and possessions ignored, where the government has formally shifted from offering literal nothing for the land, to telling the owners that their rightful property is no longer theirs, because their Whiteness isn't welcome in the land of the African Black, at least according to the Anti-White rhetoric we've seen in public spectacle across the media from government officials throughout the region, and vile oppressors such as Julius Malema, who have openly called for the slaughter of White Afrikaans in an effort to seek out the hatred in the hearts of the majority populace.

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It's pure evil, and it has a sense of lawlessness which if any other persons globally suffered from such a genocide, the United Nations would be calling for sanctions if not unilateral precision military strikes against to stop such bloodshed from occurring to oppressed peoples.

Today the rights of Whites in South Africa were declared null and void and their genocide was laid out as not only a discussion of potential actions but now becoming an actual method of slaughter occurring physically without hesitation with the full backing of a racist governance which believes Whites should not exist.

The situation in South Africa is unlike any of the globalist and propagandist efforts of the past, where the world stage would demand that there be protective measures in place for a threatened group of people whether they be tribal or indigenous, or migrants either looking for work of asylum; but what we see across the continent is a group of people who have literally created the civilization in those regions, feeding the masses for several centuries of farming heritage, actively being pursued for slaughter in order to steal their land.

That's what this is, it is theft.

The regions of which these farm families live on are working class people who spend night and day tending to their farms to provide for the community and their own families.

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When their ancestry arrived, as colonialism was hitting the shores of Africa, the land which their farms now rest was nothing.

There were no cut outfields. No makeshift homes. No storage shack. No sign that humankind had ever existed in the nearly uninhabitable terrain of many regions.

The hardworking labors of those colonists built the landscape to fit their farming desires, and inevitably built their homes on the farm, passing this through generations after generation, spreading the roots of their family throughout the country land to create a more prosperous environment of living for both the uneducated Black African tribes, and a future homeland of civility that would transform the wilderness into a society.

Many of those Black African tubers literally could not speak, and barely survived the weather and wildlife prior to the arrival of the advanced white society.

Nobody is suggesting that enslavement needs to be in order, but the native people were brought literally out of the wild into vivid communities, which had colleges and universities in place for the natives, and a means of both educating and teaching them skills they simply wouldn't have without the Boer (White farmers) they now seek to murder and maim.

Whites who have either been evicted or are child survivors of murdered families that are unable to afford migration out of the country; now live worse than a refugee in piss-poor conditions that serve as makeshift displacement camps.

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A horrid form of living for the ancestors of the men who literally built the nation with their strength and determination to prosper, and brought with it a better life for people, even if under Apartheid.

The land is not that of the African native’s belonging, as they never had such land developed and still cannot maintain similar farms on their own enough to feed all of their people.

South Africa in the 1950s and 1960s was a strong contention for a world dominant economy, second to only Japan out of every country on Earth, despite the Apartheid being in place. Take a look yourself.

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This is a reality, and whilst it's politically incorrect if not rudimentary in its original argument, the statements of the African people living a fair and balanced life with little worry under Apartheid is in fact truthful.

Since Nelson Mandela arrived at the scene of power and placed his masquerade of deceptive Marxism before the interests of the African people as a whole, chaos has been the state of affairs for nearly 30 years now, beginning in 1994.

For those unfamiliar which the merit of which were describing the Communist tool Mandela, or how he came to amass over 70,000 murders of the white farmers since his leadership began, read<a href=""> “South Africa: State Sanctioned White Genocide and the Impending Collapse of Society,” </a>a broad and brave piece of truly fulfilling your certain needs to inform yourself on the reality of South African genocide of Whites occurring, beginning by forgetting everything the media had ever told you about the Continent of Africa, because for the most part, you've been lied to.

For the most part, White farmers have the ability to negotiate a selling price, despite it being low and likely not enough alone to flee the continent with their families, or stay and face both the threat or ravage militants, rogue government-backed forces, or random drifters from breaking into their homes in the middle of the night, raping their wives and children, and then killing the man in the home, simply for the satisfaction of murdering the White population as part of a narrative of hatred being pushed through the majority Black population.

The sad part of this situation is that none of this is an exaggeration, and there is an active effort in the mainstream western media to pretend as if this doesn't exist at all, while the last of the remaining Whites are hunted down one by one with each passing day.

For the past year, there was an uncertain sense of hopelessness about the White farmer’s mindset, which attempted to use protest and some independent media coverage to organize and fight back to stop the murders of their brethren, but it simply didn't work.

The promises of the Jacob Zuma leadership have now been broken, who once told these farmers he would fight for them, as a newfound President decries this assault in the innocent as being a form a “democracy in action,” a way to label an outright genocide of the entirety of a race, through hateful racism and violence, in an attempted justification of the crimes against these innocent people and their children.

The horrors are unspeakable at this moment, with countless murders having happened and none of the world condoning this because the victims are white and those leading the world stage are in fear of a similar allegation of racism against their own leaders, based on the entire world's history of utilizing slavery of Africans for profit, and all playing a role in the murder of the Boer because they too, each of the world's leading developed nations, profited from identical policies.

Such a fear of a reprisal or social justice claims towards inevitable reparations or promised payments of some sort for a slavery which none of the Blacks living today have ever suffered from is ignorant.

To the Blacks feeling entitled to something over slavery, in any way, shape, or form: the world owes you nothing.

You earn what you have, you struggle in life like the rest of us, and if you out up the determination to succeed you will in fact gave a better chance of getting ahead than the rest of us because most all nations which once utilized any form of slavery have some form legislation in place resembling Affirmative Action which itself is a racist policy, originally designed to hold the rest of us back, while you're given an extra boost towards a career or various life opportunities such as loans and college applications and a variety of other social nonsense that bolsters your shallow ego into feeling as if you deserve more than I as a human being without earning it.

You do not deserve more than the next person, regardless of their skin color.

Listen to me, scared politicians: you owe them nothing. Tell them the truth.

Tell them that the cost of social welfare programs paid for by the White working classes, long ago surpassed the goals of any reparations had they ever been worthy of giving, even though they're not

Nobody is asking you to remain where you are in life, and you have the same opportunity as the rest to succeed if you work towards accomplishing this as a people.

Thus far, the majority of Black nations have yet to tech these historic accomplishments, despite the endless handouts given to them by successful nations, which is in part largely the problem, to begin with.

Africa now sits in turmoil, with a number of over 19,000 people being murdered in a year, senselessly, and anyone who looks at a predominantly African-American community in the United States of America can also foresee a very similar hatred from those people against law enforcement, Whites in general, and a crime rate which matches their counterparts in Africa.

This, my friends, is the brutal truth. You may not accept this reality, or wish to seek a different excuse for such failures, but the endpoint will always be that this inability to succeed exists in these communities.

They lack compassion for others, they acknowledge that they want to continue the endless handouts, and see no means to an end of such practices to empower and embolden themselves as a people, in both spirit and numbers.

Again, this is being honest. The string who rise from within these communities and achieve success, and in America there are brilliant Black men and women who have ascertained this greatness through a work ethic that is by far the most responsible of their entire people, but there is still a major problem.

Don't believe it? Have a look at the realities presented by an intelligent Black American, dedicated to the truth, in Jesse Lee Peterson, who takes to the streets to speak to his people about their hatred of President Trump, and their lack of reasoning for such a sentiment except for propaganda.

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Mind you, in the 2016 elections, Donald Trump in recorded only eight percent of the Black vote in the United States of America, and despite there were many coming to the right side of history since this election, the overwhelming majority of these people remain ignorantly blinded by their own racism they've yet to see guided into a formal action that could determine the fate of their nation, such as that of South Africa, where the Black majority, which will inevitably resemble the American demographic, have decided to format such anger into hostility and genocidal behaviors against their neighboring White farmers.

Are you understanding, yet? To the wise minority ready to stand up for what is right as a unified nation, certainly you'd understand this sentiment based on the examples of South Africa which now becoming historical fact, I would hope.

This formula is the reality, and that reality is exactly what has driven South Africa far beyond the desires of rational thought and progression of a peaceful unity with the less than ten percent of the population remaining who are White.

The infrastructure of South Africa is largely nonexistent. Without sewage systems of any type of sanitation, nor the running clean water for the population, you could easily die from a small infection or illness because the society remains primitive and unable to treat their own.

At what point do the South African Blacks stop murdering the skilled farmers who would have supplied their food? They've yet to realize this to date, despite suffering from hunger and famine as a nation of leaderless thugs acting on misguided emotional flaws, versus strategic planning and organization which creates the building and maintaining their people and communities into strong modern residences for their own children to grow and properly rebuild Africa from the ground up.

That's not what will happen, <i>because that makes too much sense for those people and such decision-making is out of the realm of possibility for those uneducated and uncivilized.

Do you think that this is a harsh statement? It may be, but what other logic can you apply to murder the ancestors of those who brought you from your tribal poverty into communicating like intelligent beings; killing the men, women, and children who have fed you through their families for literally hundreds of years, simply because they're White?

Please provide me the logic in this decision, I'll gladly allow you to argue what you are misguided enough to assume may be a justification for this evil.

There is no justified logic for these senseless and primitive killings being committed by those with the competence of wild animals and the behavioral problems that would rival a pack of wolves, where it the leader sends the pack down the wrong path that leads in their demise, they shall follow regardless of their fate being decided by this action.

Where are the bright and intelligent brethren of the Black African, educated and proud, willing to lead his or her people from the doom and gloom scenarios into the promised path of prosperity for those who desperately need guidance?

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;margin:0 auto;"><iframe width="360" height="202" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

Are there such a people waiting in the shadows?

Or, does the racially-motivated hatred of Whites, and a desire to see them killed, exist as a whole among the formerly “oppressed,” who have assumed a role of oppressor now themselves?

This is occurring in a fashion that makes their own reasons for being angry look like a tiny quarrel of ideals versus the imminent demise of all Whites?

Brutally honest at all times is my mantra, and if you're a minority who shares the values I am preaching we should have, I must ask why is there such little condemnation of the atrocities being committed against the White people of South Africa, as their farms are targeted for inevitable bloodshed or destruction?

I certainly notice a very tiny resistance to this matter in America, and it troubles me deeply that the same White people in America are being forcibly indoctrinated into feeling shame and guilt for their skin tone having been chosen for them prior to their conception and birth as being that of a White American.

It's also similar troubling that the feminized mentality of modern men in American is also pushing for the White man being expected to show emotion or compassion for other people and their potential genocides, often in the name of an eventual foreign war, on foreign soil, which that same White man is expected to fight in being told they are liberating those oppressors, yet that freedom never seems to be the endgame of the nations outside of America which have an interested in such an outcome.

Yes, please, by all means explain to the White American, the White European, why he or she is expected to risk his or her life for the supposed protection of others, but as Whites are literally becoming extinct in South Africa, those races and cultures we're told to fight for are silent as our culture is slaughtered en masse.

This is not an article opinionated by the “far right” nor has it been slanted to negatively depict the failed Black civilizations of the world, such as the absolute disaster in South Africa, in any way except the honest truth about the utter incompetent decisions they've made and how it led to criminal bloodthirst and genocide.

This is what reality looks like.

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;margin:0 auto;"><iframe width="360" height="202" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

There are equally criticisms from strong and vocal Black Americans who simply see these people and are shocked at the absolute ignorance displayed by many or them, and how this mentality prevails among their own majority.

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This has to be tackled with honesty or there will be no change.

Not to mention, while we enjoy the “supposed benefits of a diverse society,” we take a closer look at European nations, our homelands through White ancestry and heritage, and even here at home in America, and realize that that very diversity has forever reshaped the demographics of our once White majority nations, and we're being told to abandon the pride of our people and accept the others into our, yes, our created culture and countries.

Is that not interesting to you? Is it not interesting at all? If only there were other nations on Earth with similar beliefs so we could rival their policies.

Oh, there's China, Japan, and even Israel, complete with its own border wall to keep threats at bay, all having unique racially motivated immigration policies which rarely allow the free reign of outside nationalities or ethnicities outside or diplomatic services or specifics which benefit their culture.

Please understand what I'm saying here, and realize that this truth is something Americans, especially White Americans, have fully awakened to due to the heavy Anti-White agenda and propaganda being spewed at our children and families, and the obvious desire from many to see us become victim to a very similar South African White Genocide.

These thoughts are ones I want all people, of every background and creed to understand and realize many proud Americans are feeling.

I love America. I love much of our diversity through some of the personal friendships and alliances I have experienced, meeting several people who were kind and compassionate Americans from a different culture.

While hostility has increased in these modern tumultuous times, we, as a nation, do live together in peaceful relations outside of overcoming the occasional struggles.

I have seen people come together from all walks of life to make due to a better America, one that if such a tactic were employed by the Black South African towards their White Minority skilled neighbors, the ones still feeding them, the nation could potentially thrive.

That is a hope which is now gone.

It's now more-so impossible today than it could have ever before achieved into a possible roadmap for peace.

With the outright theft of the first two game farms belonging to White farmers in Limpopo, the country’s northernmost province, home to Kruger National Park and other natural wonders which have history alongside the Boer, the Black criminals of the President Cyril Ramaphosa organized expropriation teams have been given the free reign to remain as kill squads if necessary.

Today, the world watched this unfold, as Ramaphosa put to rest the unspoken concerns of the racist investors in this genocide about any condemnations from the world community towards this hatred of Whites.

On this day, the winner was the Globalists pulling the strings of the Marxist indoctrinated Black racist leadership of South Africa and their unintelligent population of ignorant criminal thugs, who gave those who would trample the rights of the White citizen the continued incentive to do it again, and the world did not cry foul at the beginning of the end of the White race in South Africa was kicked into overdrive.

It is now a race to the finish line, where those who have not yet been slaughtered by a primitive civilization of murderers await their ill-begotten fate, literally lurking in the shadows of their farm for the day that the pack of rabid animals shows up to eat their meal, devouring the last remaining White men, women, and children without having to tenderize the meat or even preheat the oven, it's already finished, they just have to serve it to the masses or racist fools who chose this horror for themselves because of their manipulations and blind allegiance to other fools in the pockets of more powerful men.

I'm sorry that this is happening to any race, any people at all, but knowing the truth that this is not only specifically targeting the White race, and being silenced as a whole by every other race who fails to acknowledge what has happened, as the most powerful of all hands pull the strings of the media to avoid showing it to the public until the objective of extinction of Whites has been fulfilled, is one that I will not remain quietly sitting about as it unfolded.

The message is clear, and the message is one of the largest concerns of my time, that I cannot seem to release myself from: this White genocide wasn't supposed to happen, and to date, is still denied by those pulling the strings of the modern mainstream media, social media platforms, every government on Earth, and the political fighters of the world refuse to acknowledge it has occurred we if they too are either blinded by distortions away from the atrocities being carried out today, or worse, they're also in the pockets of those failing to a sound while they watch the plan play out to their keen and attentive details which were orchestrated long before this date.

A mouthful, I know, but the truth is not always that which you want to hear- nor can you existentialist set yourself free without examining every aspect and angle or the situation you may find yourself in soon enough, or even your children being put in such a place one day as a result of the planned demographics shifting of seemingly White only nations on this Earth,

An Anti-White conspiracy unlike that which has never before been seen in the history of mankind has been developed, and is indeed being carried out- but how you decide to unite or fight back is entirely up to you.

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;margin:0 auto;"><iframe width="360" height="202" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

I do not believe that those targeted will go quietly into the night, and I absolutely believe that those most honest in their educative and informed opinions from other cultures, many who have already called out this extremely Anti-White sentiment, will also stand in solidarity to protest the atrocious desires of those perpetuating this timeline fragmentation of deconstructed idealism.

Why I believe they will speak up and have already, is in part that they too realize that the others being misguided will be the next in life’s line of succession for targeting, a rule of thumb in common sense, and potentially realizing that the world's truly racist playmakers and figureheads are guiding us all into their impending enslavement through one of the greatest mastered, if not manufactured evils to ever walk the face of the Earth.

So you can stand and judge the integrity of those sharing your values of peaceful prosperity and work ethic, alongside that of a traditional culture and it's values that promoted success, or you can stand alongside my brutal honesty, proudly, and fight.

The choice is yours, but there will never again be an opportunity to see such an occurrence of the fate inevitably timing itself to occur in South Africa to happen again, not to me, or my family, or my culture, or my friends and their families, or any unified person of integrity willing to say that enough is enough.

Awaken, and fight, either with integrity or unified, you just either fight back or accept your fate

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Rage No. 34624 2018-08-21 : 08:47

Now here's an idea.. Get all white people out of Africa. Why not put all the BLM, antifa thugs, the entire dumbass leftard community and their all sympathizers in there. At least we would have all the savages in one place away from the rest of us and we can live in savage free societies. If that offends some, good, build a bridge and gtf over it.

Anonymous No. 34627 2018-08-21 : 10:13

Jesse lee paterson just showed everyone how ignorant and uneducated the blacks of this country are! Thank God not all blacks are as ignorant as the ones Jesse talked to. The one guy actually believes obamma started getting the jobs for them talk about ignorant! Completely and totally need to be awakened to the truth that obamma was one of the worst Presidents in history! Educate the black man because they have been lied to and they believe the racist garbage that globalist have put out trying to divide America!

Anonymous No. 34628 2018-08-21 : 10:24

Blacks need education bad! They are falling for the globalist lies! That one idiot is not from the tribe of judah! No where close, the tribe of judah is not black! the jews in Israel at this time and for all time are caucasian and this was proven when Israel became a country. There were no blacks fighting to make Israel a nation back in 1948. The Bible said Israel would become a nation again in 1948 and zero blacks were there creating that nation and that proves that the people there now are the true jews unless you want to go against God"s word!

Anonymous No. 34630 2018-08-21 : 11:08

The muslims are nothing but a huge hate group that wants to turn every country they immigrate to into a shit hole country like the one they came from! They don't want to live peacefully with the people of europe, they want their ignorant, hateful, satanic culture and religion to take over europe! The people of Europe half to send all those refugees back to where they came from or face losing their countries completely! Send them all to Saudi Arabia where they can practice their ungodly religion!

Tab No. 34634 2018-08-21 : 11:28

the savage niggers are not giving up their white appropriation though, are they? …. where is NPR (National Propaganda Radio) on this story?

the FAKE NEWS is covering for the racists…

Anonymous No. 34644 2018-08-21 : 12:53

Putin cheers.

Ehud Schtickeltraub No. 34716 2018-08-22 : 05:11

Made possible by Zionist Communist Jews, who incite negroes to assault Whites.

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TGSNT (. tv)

THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD No. 34717 2018-08-22 : 05:13




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