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ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Admits Losing to Trump in ‘Test from Allah’ as US Strikes Continue

The infamous Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who most would describe as being the figurehead in charge of the Islamic State, or the ISIS Leader, has now released a new audio statement of which he's confessed that the globalized Islamic terrorist Caliphate is losing to President Trump, as a ‘test from Allah’, in a newfound call for unity and defense.

The terrorist mastermind is said to be one of the top targets of the United States of America's Armed Forces, with continued strikes throughout several Middle East and African nations attempting to hunt and kill the bloodthirsty criminal responsible for some of the world's deadliest attacks on both civilians and several military forces, including that of American soldiers and service units abroad.

When President Trump ran for the Office of the Presidency in 2016, he assured the American people, the brave men and women of the United States of America's elite military branches, and the ISIS terror organization that he would stop at nothing to defeat them once and for all, and despite the ability of the radical Islamic militants and murderers to creep throughout the world, he's left an impression in the minds of those who would slaughter innocents as part of their perverse death cult, under the guise of ‘religion’ and ‘jihad,’ that is certain to infuriate the command and control of the organization.

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Many have long suggested that ISIS, and radical offshoot elements of the Islamic terrorist network, have received assistance from numerous sources of global Islamic governments, such as the known cooperation of Hezbollah to other cells of Mujahideen, and the likes of the deadly Boko Haram, who have previously announced cooperation and strategic unity with the Islamic State and Caliphate.

While the world wishes to stamp out the pedophilia, abuse of women, and extremist attacks coming from Islam, it would equally desire to see Baghdadi captured or killed by any means necessary.

Several former military analysts and experts have now listened to the audio recording which is supposedly from Baghdadi, who all suggest in similar agreement that it is possible the newly propagated tape is the evil madman of the Islamic State.

Without official confirmation from the United States of America's Department of Defense, The Goldwater cannot independently verify the voice is an identical match to that of previous messages proclaimed to have hailed from the terrorist mastermind, but the quotes made about recent strategic losses since the fall of Raqqa back in October, seemingly imply that Baghdadi is indeed alive and the hunt to find the most wanted global Islamic criminal will continue until he's been killed in action or captured alive..

"For the believer Mujahideen, the scale of victory or defeat is not counting on a city or town being stolen or subject to those who have aerial superiority, or intercontinental missiles or smart bombs, and not how many followers they have," Baghdadi proclaims, in what seems to be a last-ditch effort towards unity for a weakened and battered series of cells of cowardly Islamic leaders, hoping to reorganize in the wake of their Impending destruction.

It appears that Baghdadi has also suggested that “Allah has tested the fighters of ISIS with fear and hunger,” in what sounds as if they're on the verge of starvation, due to the endless assaults ordered by the 45th President of the United States of America since the fall of Raqqa on remaining hideouts in strategic positions globally.

As usual, the propagandist Islamic terrorist promises “glad tidings” for the bloodthirsty criminals who are willing to “patiently preserve” in the meantime.

If this is Baghdadi, and he's still alive and in hiding, we can only hope for a swift and painful decision to cause his evil and deceptive mind to walk into the line of sight of the US Armed Forces, and this time he's sent forever to the one true paradise he's promised after death, that of burning in hell for all of eternity tormented for the souls of the innocent men, women, and children he has ordered the endless Islamic terror attacks towards throughout his evil career.

"The scale depends on how much faith the worshipper has," Baghdadi stated, in a nearly fifty-five minute long recording, with specific dates mentioning August 1st Sanctions imposed by the United States of America against Turkey, in an effort to “just release the Pastor,” Baghdad says, as a reference to Pastor Andrew Brunson, the American Christian held captive by Turkish President Erdogan’s brutal government.

Baghdadi continues with knowledge of Russia and Iran allegedly planning a revolt against US Sanctions, to show a sense of “gang policy in a sign of weakness,” Baghdadi says of the United States of America.

In mentioning the nation of Jordan, Baghdadi suggests that Sunni Muslims must unite in order to topple the government and eliminate those in charge as if to rally a cry for togetherness among the radicals of the region.

In the closing segments, Baghdadi mentioned Syria, and incursions in regions such as that of Idlib, suggesting that Russia would use “the help of traitors” to storm the outer walls, and utilize the Syrian military in leading a fight towards a certain victory.

As far as we know officially, Barack Obama missed an opportunity in al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, Iraq back in 2014 to take out Baghdadi in the only public appearance he's documented to have made, which could have eliminated this animal years prior if acted upon in the right conditions.

This last winter, along with other occasions, there were claims of Baghdadi’s murder in a series of air strikes, of which the mastermind continues to reappear at later dates only to proclaim death and destruction through a unified mission towards global domination.

He may not see the same potential getaways under the current President as he did under Obama, but he certainly realizes this threat and had taken extra precautions to avoid detection in recent months, and that very silence has led towards the monumental losses that we see Baghdadi admitting in the recent recording.

Analysts continue to suggest that all claims of death involving Baghdadi should be treated as potential propaganda, and the latest recording could be evidence of why.

We will crush ISIS, and under the leadership of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America, that is exactly what has happened.

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Anonymous No. 34820 2018-08-23 : 02:31

This is awesome thank God for Trump

DA No. 34855 2018-08-23 : 12:29

Great article…. They know their days are numbered. This will be only the 1st admission of defeat!

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