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New York - Perv Doctor Accused of Putting His Mouth on Patient’s Breast During Cancer Screening

It was supposed to be a regular cancer-screening examination that included a breast exam. But the alleged predator-doctor exploited the procedure by sexually assaulting his patient. The doctor is accused of putting his mouth on the patient’s breast and grabbing her hand to place it on his penis, and even horrifically asking the victim: “Do you see how hard you got me?”

The alleged pervert is identified as primary care doctor Mark Jackson, 58 years old. He is accused of performing the sexual misconduct on September 15, 2017, while being employed at the Star Treatment and Recovery Center in Harlem.

The New York physician was arraigned on Wednesday in Manhattan Criminal Court on two counts of sex abuse and one count of forcible touching.

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Manhattan Prosecutor Matthew McCarthy stressed that Jackson “betrayed the trust of his patient and sexually abused her while she was seeking a simple cancer screening.”

When pressed by investigators on December 1, 2017, Jackson insisted that everything that happened between him and the patient during the doctor’s visit “was above board.” Prosecutors said the alleged pervert told them: “During the breast exam, I only touched her with my hands.”

The doctor also admitted to authorities that he later called the patient at home but still placed the blame on her and said: “she wrote her number on a piece of paper, handed it to me and said call me sometime. I told her I would do that.”

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The sex abuse-related charges against Jackson now is not the first time he got into trouble with the law. In 1996, he was convicted of distribution of a controlled substance in Manhattan federal court. He was sentenced then to one year in prison.

For now, Legal Aid lawyer Jin Wu said that Jackson is still practicing as a physician but didn’t disclose where. He also only said that his “client denies the allegations.”

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Jackson is expected to be back in court on August 27. Meantime, the judge ordered him held on $1,500 bail and issued an order of protection in favor of the victim.

It remains to be seen if Jackson will lose his medical license and spend jail time should he be found guilty.


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rr No. 34892 2018-08-23 : 20:26

In his country, it is okay to do what he is accused of here. Women are 2nd class citizens in his country and a male doctor there is only obliged to kiss on her while getting examined with nothing being said, so sad he forgets he is in USA now.

n8 No. 34898 2018-08-23 : 22:33

Best not to assume guilt. Only two people know what actually took place. You can spew your vitriol after he is convicted.

Anonymous No. 34924 2018-08-24 : 07:02

"Oh yeah, trust me, while this machine squeezes your breast I have to suckle your nipples with my lips. The lips are more sensitive than the fingers so I have a higher chance of detecting lumps this way. It's perfectly normal."

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