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Watch: Security Guard Films Police Officer Pleading for Help, Instead of Helping

A video that’s going viral right now illustrates how the social-media-obsessed are reacting to crime. The instinct nowadays is to film the action rather than to help - even if you are a security guard.

Such is the case of a lady security guard who opted to film via her mobile phone the “action” going on rather than come to the aid of an officer enforcing the law.

A Houston Police officer could be is seen struggling with a violent robbery suspect with the help of a bystander. The two have the suspect pinned down, but require more help. The suspect is seen reaching for the officer’s handcuffs, then his gun.

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It was clear from the situation that even with the two of them - the officer and the bystander certainly could have used another person’s help. The security guard, however, chose to take out her phone and film the struggle. The fact that the lady was a security guard tasked to protect the area is a sad commentary on society.

So oblivious was the security guard to the struggles of the officer, and so engrossed she was in recording video, she could even be seen changing directions and possibly angles of her video by walking from shooting behind the officer to going in front to capture the subjects’ faces.

The shocking and frustrating behavior and action of the security guard did not escape the attention of the officer, struggling as he was with the suspect. The officer could be heard pleading for help from the security guard.

The officer is heard screaming first, “Help me!”. Seeing the lack of enthusiasm and effort on the part of the guard, the officer later screamed, “Stop f*g filming and help me!'.

The suspect, identified as Davon Shavelle Miller, 17, was soon arrested.

The actions of the security guard had consequences. She lost her job because of what she did - and did not do- in the face of an opportunity for her to have carried out her civic duty to help an officer in need.

Even if she didn’t immediately respond to helping the officer contain the suspect, former Dallas Police Chief David Brown said there are other ways she could have helped the officer. Brown said: “The security guard could have called 911, but it adds insult to injury to not do that and start recording with her phone.”

What's more, Texas law requires citizens to help officers if asked.

The company which employed the guard said in a statement that it is their policy to require a "uniformed security guard to render assistance to certified officers upon request."

The actions of the guard were recorded by another bystander. There could be other bystanders filming the officer trying to arrest the suspect, and the suspect resisting. At least to the credit of one bystander, even if she didn’t help, she could be heard in another video screaming to the teen suspect to stop resisting and to respect the authority of the officer.

Houston’s Police Chief was dismayed with the still unnamed guard’s behavior and said: “It says a lot about society, that we would prefer to get 15-minutes of fame rather than help an officer."


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