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Minnesota - Boxer Walks Out Of The Ring, Leaves Match Before It Could Start

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A boxing match in Minnesota ended not because of a commanding knock-out, but rather the battle ended before it even started. Commentators around the world were “unanimously” stunned when boxer Curtis Harper stormed off the boxing ring barely a second into his heavyweight fight with Efe Ajagba.

The two were supposed to fight it out for the undercard of a PBC fight night on Fox Sports 1. Harper surprised everyone expecting to witness an intense battle when he walked out of the ring as soon as the bell sounded signaling the start of the fight.

The Jacksonville fighter, however, continued walking out to the boos of the Minneapolis Armory crowd.

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From game officials to his opponent and his team to the crowd, everyone was surprised by the sudden and seemingly unprovoked walk-out. He gave no indication during the pre-game that anything was troubling him.

Boxer Curtis Harper’s bizarre storm-off less than one second into his heavyweight fight with Efe Ajagba stunned commentators around the world.

Fighting on the undercard of a PBC fight night on Fox Sports 1, Harper made a bizarre decision to walk out of the ring as soon as the bell sounded to signal the start of the first round.

Officials and the referee screamed for Harper to come back to the ring for the fight, but the orders fell on deaf ears.

The Fox Sports commentator who’s supposed to cover the fight could not believe what he was seeing and could only say: “I have never seen this before. I have never seen this before in my life.”

The reason for the shocking and sudden walk-out was later revealed. It turns out Harper believes he was being underpaid for the fight.

Harper even admitted to PBC reporter Jordan Hardy after the walk-out that officials refused to act on his pay despite his protests.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">If y’all are wondering I spoke to Harper and he said he walked out of the ring because he’s not getting paid enough to fight and that he wants respect.

Harper’s trainer, Nate Campbell, did not appreciate what his charge did. He took to Facebook after the “non-fight fight” to convey his apologies to the crowd and the boxing community for the way his fighter acted.

Campbell even described what Harper did as “madness.” He added in his post: “I was so embarrassed! This man disrespected himself, his wife, the fans and me.”

Officials had no choice but to disqualify the fighter who turned his back on the fight. They made their decision at the one second-mark of the first round.

It is not yet clear whether there will be further sanctions from boxing officials against Harper for the stunt he pulled off. It was certainly something the boxing world has never seen before.


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Butt mud is a bad thing…..especially when it's hot and brown!

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