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George Papadopoulos Accepts Plea Deal With Mueller

The witchhunt that began under false pretenses stemming from a corrupt dossier alleging Russia collusion with the Trump campaign continues to veer off-course of its original mandate. The former foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign George Papadopoulos found himself in the sights of the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller. Papadopoulos told his wife Wednesday he has decided to take a plea deal with Mueller.

The decision to take the plea deal brings an end to the weeks of worrying by his wife Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos. Simona has been acting as an informal spokeswoman for her husband George during the legal battle.

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The couple has been in the news in recent weeks over the fate of the former foreign policy adviser. Simona told MSNBC earlier this month, "I trusted the institutions until they proved me wrong." She added that she had become aware of "exculpatory evidences that fully justify him to drop off his plea agreement."

Wednesday, Simona told ABC News "George will take responsibility for some inaccuracies during the interview with the FBI." She also expressed her hopes "the judge will take into account" her belief that her husband was set up "in order to assess George’s role in this investigation from an objective point of view and, yes, definitely decide for zero jail time."

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As part of the plea deal, Papadopoulos admits that he lied to the FBI about people he was in contact with including a person who had "substantial connections to Russian government officials." Prosecutors recommended earlier this month that Papadopoulos receive a six-month jail sentence all for misspeaking during an FBI interview. The prosecutors argued, "The nature and circumstances of the offense warrant a sentence of incarceration."

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Tungee No. 35519 2018-08-30 : 02:41

Ironically the term "witch hunt" usually refers to a "hunt" that doesn't turn up witches, but harms innocents. What do they call it when they actually find witches?

Anonymous No. 35528 2018-08-30 : 06:03

Response to 35518:

They call that a burning, when they find the witch(es).

Wonder who is actually going to be burned in this hunt

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