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Freeze On Trump Travel Ban Upheld By Federal Court Of Appeals

On Monday the 9th District Federal Court Of Appeals voted unanimously to uphold the freeze on President Trump's travel ban.

The three judge panel cited that by suspending the Visa applications of six Muslim dominant countries President Trump had ‘exceeded his lawful authority’ as well as by attempting to suspend the US Refugee Program.

Using the argument that there was not sufficient evidence that President Trump was acting in National Security interests with his travel ban the judges wrote “There is no finding that present vetting standards are inadequate, and no finding that absent the improved vetting procedures there likely will be harm to our national interests. These identified reasons do not support the conclusion that the entry of nationals from the six designated countries would be harmful to our national interests.”

President Trump and his administration now expect to review internally the procedures in which are taken to begin the vetting process, as they prepare to take the battle into the Supreme Court.

The original measure was intended to be temporary, with a restriction on issuing Visas to the residents of six nations in which the Administration view as high-level potential terrorist threats to the security of the United States for 90 days. Also included was suspending the US Refugee Program for a 120 days in order to ensure officials could spend the necessary time reviewing all procedures of the vetting process.

Due to the halt from the Federal Appeals Court today however; the next phase is to come to a hearing in the United States Supreme Court. Unfortunately there's Recess of the Supreme Court at this time and the unwilling expiration of the ban is coming closer as the sand passes through the hourglass.

The safety and security of America is now at risk awaiting a Supreme Court Hearing over the actions of a handful of judges. For their sake and for the sanctity of the American People we must now all pray that there isn't an attack during this time or else the blood of innocents will be on these Judge's hands.


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Anonymous No. 3589 2017-06-13 : 01:12

I guess you do9n't believe in freedon, democracy or the constitution red pill, are you trumps relative?

Anonymous No. 3598 2017-06-13 : 05:21

Its is imperative to our republic that we expel all muslims and followers of islam from our beautiful country.

Anonymous No. 3702 2017-06-14 : 23:32

So expell all immigrants, right?

well fuck off then, you and yours are either immigrants or descendants of them.

the only ones that come close to being 'americans' are the native ones, fuckwit

by the way when are you going to burn the constitution?

religious freedom, remember, equality, justice…. anything ring a bell?

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