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Questions Left About Imposter Despite Terry Davis Death Confirmation

What kind of person would perpetrate a death hoax? Quite possibly the same sort of person who would impersonate said person for months going so far as to have at least one family member convinced enough that you were their child for them to say they love you in an instant message. It's this kind of behavior that cast a pall of confusion and conspiracy over the death of Terry Davis.

TheTemple showed up on The Ralph Retort's podcast the Killstream. He was notably excited, posting in the Discord "HE'S PLAYING THE SONG" over and over again, referring to the acoustic guitar cover of one of the hymns from TempleOS (the TempleOST, so to speak).

Sadly, <a href="">Terry's death has finally been confirmed</a>. Equally sadly, this occurred due to a Facebook post being made private presumably to stop the flood of phone calls and Facebook messages inquiring., Apparently, Terry was just one of four deaths for the family in August alone.

A crazed Terry Davis fan known as TheTemple spent the last 4 months pretending to be Terry on Facebook going so far as to friend family members. As a result, the family memorialized the imposter profile rather than his real one. The Discord server TheTemple had set up was also mysteriously deleted, possibly to cover his tracks.

For much of yesterday, several of Terry's closest fans were wondering exactly what was going on as it became more and more obvious that TheTemple had something to hide. He had mentioned that he "loved the attention" and if you listen to him being grilled in the Discord voice chat it becomes more and more obvious that something was awry. Users at KiwiFarms noticed that he had signed in to lurk the board but failed to post anything. In addition to deleting his Discord server he has, to date, failed to defend himself and his literally ghoulish actions.

It's sad to think that some of the last interaction the family had with Terry was actually with this imposter. It's possible that they thought he was safe as a result of fairly regular posts from the faker.

After the dust settled and it became more clear that the person who had announced the death was an imposter that fueled the theories that Terry may have been in jail, in a mental hospital or just on the road and out of touch. The whole situation made it difficult for many to attain closure.

There are still unanswered questions. Just before all this, rumors had started to abound that some /tech/ users with tripcodes who had been lurking the Terry threads were involved in scamming donations, taking over Terry's website and selling TempleOS software and merchandise with no money actually going to Terry.

Whether TheTemple was part of this potential scam, or if it's more than rumor is still anyone's guess but I believe that TheTemple should explain himself. An anon at /pol/ reported a board volunteer at tech "doing hardcore damage control" and threatening to dump post histories. When users advised against that many anon were banned from /tech/ for "thread derailment." Eckoro in the Discord has revealed the results from the RedBubble merchandise account which, as he points out, is fairly negligible so the scam rumors may be no more than rumors. We can certainly hope that nothing worse than impersonation has been going on, but convincing a family their troubled loved one is safe and sound and in touch shortly before his death is unforgivable enough in my opinion.

Discord user and anon betterthanrealismelephant had this to say about TheTemple:

"He claims he created a fake Terry Davis facebook account to trick Terry's family members into adding him as a friend because he was "worried about Terry". I asked him what he accomplished by doing so and he said he ended up not helping Terry with anything. He claims he communicated with Terry's family members but refuses to offer proof or even say what they spoke about.

I asked him if he contacted Terry's family members to ask them what happened to Terry and he said "no" and spergd out, saying he would never put them through that because "they already know how he died".

He says that he was randomly logged out of the fake Terry Davis account because Terry's family members asked that the account be memorialized. I asked him why they would ask for an account to be memorialized when they know that it's not Terry's real account (remember: He claims that he contacted Terry's family after they added him as a friend and told them he wasn't Terry).

TheTemple stopped answering questions and told me that to just believe Terry is alive."

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I reached out to TheTemple asking for explanations or at least a comment on his actions in the, now deleted, Discord server and then messaged <a href="">him at Twitter</a>, but he appears not to be interested in defending his actions. Not difficult to fathom considering they are, to my mind, fairly indefensible.

Terry's last video is heartbreaking. In the last frame there's a bright, but troubled smile. A more complete eulogy will be put together in memoriam of God's programmer Terry Davis.

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The family has requested that donations be sent to the National Alliance of Mental Illness or The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

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Twitter: #terrydavis #templeos

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Anonymous No. 35843 2018-09-02 : 06:18

Wow. I am speechless. Fantastic reporting and thanks for keeping us updated with this situation. RIP Terry Davis

Anonymous No. 35844 2018-09-02 : 06:22

That little weasel has some major explaining to do. Likely we'll never hear from him again though. I heard rumors he was doxed though, might have been why the Discord server was burnt to the ground.

Anonymous No. 35851 2018-09-02 : 07:56

RIP Terry Davis, at least he will finally be free from the glow in the dark, CIA niggers.

But to be completely serious, this was somewhat inevitable, due to his behaviors and actions, but it is still sad to hear that he has passed. Hopefully, he has it good in the afterlife now.

Anonymous No. 35864 2018-09-02 : 11:12

???? Terry????

Anonymous No. 35886 2018-09-02 : 14:25

A man was denied his family's support and all the help he deserved because of an impostor, and now it ended with a death.

TheTemple must be brought to court.

nancy No. 36123 2018-09-04 : 21:41

i just called the dalles, or police and spoke with aurelia. terry a davis did die in the train accident and the chief of police will be giving a statement today 9/4.

Anonymous No. 35848 2018-09-29 : 18:27

its funny how all those people claiming they called the police or seen articles in newspapers never ever post links to anything. The police won't just give info about terry to a random fuck, only family has access to such information. I've seen so much people posting "now that it's confirmed" yet i haven't seen one single link to a news source

Fke No. 93282 2018-12-27 : 01:06

He is still alive. His death is a coverup.

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