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Arrested: MS-13 Thug Who Broke Into Window, Raped 11-Year-Old Girl (Video)

According to local police, a suspected member of the MS-13 gang allegedly broke into the room of an 11-year-old girl and raped her in her bed.

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The suspect is identified as El Salvadoran immigrant Julio Cesar Ayala, 18, who lives nearby.

Ayala allegedly climbed onto the roof of the girl’s apartment building.

Julio Cesar Ayala, 18, was charged with sexually motivated burglary and first-degree rape.

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Julio Cesar Ayala, 18, was detained by the NYPD on Saturday and charged with sexually motivated burglary and first-degree rape.

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El Salvadoran immigrant allegedly climbed into the girl's room and raped her.

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Police used surveillance video to get an idea of his identity.

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Officers from the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit and the 70th Precinct raided the man's hideaway at an under-construction building at 930 Flatbush Avenue.

Ayala climbed through the girl's window on the second floor, squeezing through a narrow gap next to an air conditioning unit, the New York Post reports.

He then raped the girl in her bed and climbed back out the window when she began screaming for her mother.

The mother called the police but did not see Ayala; however, there was video-surveillance in the area that indicated that Ayala was the suspect.

The girl was taken to a local hospital and is said to be in a stable condition, according to NBC New York.

Approximately 30 officers from the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit and the 70th Precinct converged on ­Ayala at his hideaway in an under-construction three-story building at 930 Flatbush Ave, on Saturday at 2:35 p.m.

Ayala was seen pulled from the address handcuffed and wearing a red T-shirt and dirty black jeans.

Police sources said Ayala carried a federal Permanent Resident Card, also known as a “Green Card,” as his only identification.

People in the area cheered as Ayala was led struggling into a police SUV. Some applauded and took pictures from their phones.

“They got him!” a man yelled.

“He raped somebody, an 11-year-old girl,” another person said.

A high-level police source told The Post that investigators believe Ayala to be a member of the MS-13 gang.

On Saturday, Ayala was charged with sexually motivated burglary and first-degree rape.

The crime shocked neighborhood residents.

'That makes me feel unsafe in my own home,' said Elizabeth Bardourilla, 42, a resident in the area where the girl lives.

'That child can't help herself. For a grown man to do that. Sick. Very sick. This is sad. Just sad.'

“That’s horrible,” said David Cadogan, 40, a paramedic.

“I got a son and nieces. I don’t play with stuff like that. There’s passed a point where you tolerate certain behaviors. I know people want to wait on the law. But if anything happens to him between now and then, I honestly don’t care. He gets what he deserves.”

Victoria Nunez, an assistant district attorney, said during the arraignment that Mr. Ayala had admitted that he was in the bedroom, telling them, “I have never done anything like that before.” She also said that the victim and Mr. Ayala were strangers and that the girl failed to identify Mr. Ayala in a lineup.

She was eleven-years-old and attacked and raped in her bed. How do they expect her to pick him from a lineup?

His lawyer, Anna Boksenbaum, said Mr. Ayala lived with an aunt and uncle and two cousins in Brooklyn. He worked full time for his uncle’s air-conditioning company.

Nunez said Mr. Ayala moved to Brooklyn from Virginia a few months ago.

After gaining entry, Ayala climbed onto the top bunk where the eleven-year-old was sleeping and raped her, Nunez said. She said the victim’s brother was in the bottom bed.

The victim’s parents were home but unaware of the break-in until they heard their daughter scream, Nunez said.

Mr. Ayala went out the window, leaving behind a red Chicago Bulls cap that he was seen wearing on surveillance video in the area before the attack, according to prosecutors.

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Bruce Wayne No. 35993 2018-09-03 : 15:56

Mexico should get the bill for this and govenors who let them in should be jailed

Anonymous No. 36000 2018-09-03 : 16:52

Pretty bad that as a parent one has to worry about their child after tucking them in and kissing them goodnight in their own home! Would have been nice if the animal slipped and impaled his balls and crank on a fence post, then hung there till morning light as people paraded by laughing. This would be best if it happened on the way into the child’s room, before the assault took place. Castrate him in the public square upside down like the scene in Django unchained as a sign to the other animals that prey on innocent children pedos traffickers and plain rapists!

Bruce No. 36001 2018-09-03 : 16:57

I'm so glad Nancy Pelosi thinks these people are divine. Scumbags

Robert No. 36003 2018-09-03 : 17:32

It's a shame what happened. Thanks for the article. It's nice having access to the truth, Lexy

tab No. 36021 2018-09-03 : 20:29

cut his dick off!

tab No. 36022 2018-09-03 : 20:31

@ Anonymous No. 36015

die scum!

Tab No. 36023 2018-09-03 : 20:35

Sorry. mistake: i meant that to be directed at, Anonymous No. 36015

Reporting REAL news Lexy! No. 36029 2018-09-03 : 21:15

This is absolutely disgusting…. this freak needs to be sent BACK to ElSalvador AFTER he spends a minimum twenty years to life. There “may” be some justice given to him in prison if he is convicted…. Prisoners are notorious for hating Child rapist.

Child rape should be considered a crime worse than murder….

If he gets out with less than ten years perhaps his face can be met with a nice large ROCK.

Jo No. 36032 2018-09-03 : 23:29

Yet, our Country keeps letting these rapists and murderers in.

Anonymous617 No. 36111 2018-09-04 : 17:03

Vote out any and all politicians who support open borders!! Enough is enough!!!!!

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