By: Savanna Smith | 09-04-2018 | News
Photo credit: Homeowner Surveillance Video

California - ''Knock Knock'' Burglars Strike in South LA (Video)

Thieves and burglars these days are getting more brazen and even “creative” in a way - some have the gall to knock on their target home first as if they’re visitors or are chummy with the homeowners. It’s actually a ploy to know if anyone’s home, and if no one answers, it’s their cue to carry out their bad intentions.

That’s just what happened in South Los Angeles on Friday. The incident was caught on surveillance camera.

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The video showed one of the thieves walk up to the residence to knock on the front door. No one appeared to answer, and so the bad guys were able to ransack the home.

The designated burglar to knock on the door kept talking to someone on his mobile phone while repeatedly knocking, presumably to report what was going on to his cohorts.

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The homeowner later said three male suspects stole his registered gun, $4,000 in cash and his wife’s jewelry.

The suspects caught on video were all wearing hooded sweaters as they crawled out of the window, taking the stolen items with them.

Other angles of the surveillance camera showed a black green Sedan car passing by the house, several times, possibly the get-away car.

The authorities are asking the public’s help in identifying the suspects caught on camera. Anyone who recognized the suspects, or know important information on them including tips on their whereabouts is requested to immediately contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Division at 323-786-5077.


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Anonymous No. 36087 2018-09-04 : 15:17

anyone going door to door during the day when most are working is casing out places

Anonymous No. 36098 2018-09-04 : 16:14

A black man robbing, what a surprise

dined nuffin No. 36108 2018-09-04 : 16:50

Niggers on the loose, shoot to kill!

Africanus Niggerasaurus No. 36112 2018-09-04 : 17:16

What a shocker a hoodie clad nigger robbing houses while the owners are at WORK.

Anonymous No. 36115 2018-09-04 : 20:17

dat boi jes wan say hi. dat boi dindu nuffin

Anonymous No. 36116 2018-09-04 : 20:19

Listen to the tape. The victim is spic.

Anonymous No. 36122 2018-09-04 : 21:27

Free Ted Wafer!!!

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