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Photo credit: thegoldwater

We're Live : Random with Diana and Jim

We moved to Twitch!, Youtube censored us.

Join Diana and Jim live at The Goldwater studio.

Join the fun and be spontaneous.

Click the link to see the video

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Laird Wilcox No. 36144 2018-09-05 : 01:53

Anything run by GOOGLE is going to engage in political censorship and I suspect this will increase in both intensity and frequency. Absent a legal challenge to this (anti-trust?), it will be necessary to move to other platforms. The next issue will be Microsoft itself, which is also developing algorithms to block conservative speech. This is the nightmare situation envisioned in 1984 and other dystopian paradigms, such as 451 Fahrenheit. We live in Frightening times, all generated from the political left – and THEY were supposed to be the liberal humanitarians. It turns out that political conservatives are the free speech and civil liberties advocates today!

Jim No. 36148 2018-09-05 : 02:34

We are doing our best to keep things free and open. Even jerks like >>36146 are here. I aught to delete that because it is off topic, but >>36144 is right on target. We have to keep ourselves afloat so that free speech will prevail. Folks like 36146 are actually the enemy. They make those awful posts to force censorship. They are off topic and can be deleted, but they will scream and yell. They are the actual enemy.

Anonymous No. 36150 2018-09-05 : 02:46

Thanks Jim & Diana, for keeping the truth alive!

Anonymous No. 36153 2018-09-05 : 04:36

Keep in mind that some of these people are paid to do this.

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