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UK - Scorned Woman Poisons Ex-Boyfriend’s Pet Fish With Bleach (Video)

A mother in the UK who had a strange and a rather cruel way to get back at her ex-boyfriend who left her and their five children under the age of ten has been sentenced. The scorned woman took her revenge on her former partner’s ornamental pet fish by pouring bleach into the aquarium.

35-year-old Serena Reynoldson even recorded on video her act of poisoning the fish and posted the video on the WhatsApp messaging service. She horrifically even recorded herself saying “die, die, die” to the innocent fish on the tank.

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The Oxford Magistrates’ Court heard that John Fitzpatrick got so mad with Reynoldson after she accused him of having an affair that he left her to deal with their young children and family pets alone.

Reynoldson decided to strike back against her former partner by sending him a string of furious and abusive messages before she filmed herself carrying out her horrific act of pouring bleach into his fish tank. She told him in the video: “If I can’t have hobbies or a life, you can’t have them either.”

A woman took revenge on her ex-boyfriend by pouring bleach into his tank of ornamental fish, a court heard.

Serena Reynoldson, 35, recorded herself saying "die, die, die" in a video posted on the WhatsApp messaging service.

Oxford Magistrates' Court heard that furious that John Fitzpatrick had left her to deal with their four children and family pets after an alleged affair.

She sent him a string of abusive messages before she filmed herself pouring bleach into his fish tank as she told him: "If I can't have hobbies or a life, you can't have them either and I’m not paying for it.”

She appeared to have bee taunting Fitzpatrick and said: “I don’t think they are dying- oh look, they are. Let me get some more bleach.”

Reynoldson said in a second video: “Oh no, I think they’re dying. Bleach, bleach and more bleach, let’s pour it in. Bleach bleach bleach.” Then she added: “Oh no, they are all dying. Oh no, they are dead, look. Oh no, poor fish.”

Fitzpatrick called police after the January incident and the RSPCA were called in. RSPCA prosecutor Simon White said the crime was of the highest culpability and harm, and that bleach was not recognized as euthanasia for fish and they would have suffered before death.

Fitzpatrick has gotten back the custody of the snake. The cat, however, has stayed with Reynoldson.

Her lawyer defended Reynoldson by stating that she was a victim of domestic violence.


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