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Ukip Ouverture - Will Theresa May See Tommy Robinson In Parliament Soon?

It could be quite the turnaround for him as Ukip (the UK independence party) is currently considering inviting Mr. Tommy Robinson to join as a member of their political party.

Knowing his immense popularity in the heartland of Britain, imagine the surprise of PM Theresa May should she run into Mr. Robinson in the British Parliament next year.

Already this weekend the ruling body of Ukip will vote to let Mr. Robinson in as a member as certain senior politicians fear that a swing to lure supporters of the far-right is in the making.

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The National Executive Committee will decide whether to give their approval to a motion brought forward to let the founder of the English Defence League (EDL) into their party. If that is approved the Ukip members can then vote during a party conference in Birmingham later this month.

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If all goes as planned, the rightwing activist and journalist from Luton who found himself in prison earlier this year could become a mainstream politician by the end of 2018.

Mr. Alan Craig, UKIP's Family & Children Spokesman admitted that “Tommy has become a global phenomenon representing those who have been excluded and silenced by the globalist liberal elite.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">That&#39;s the first step , next step<br><br>TOMMY ROBINSON MP<a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Mikel Allen (@MikelAllen9) <a href="">September 6, 2018</a></blockquote>

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“He courageously turned his back on all racism and the EDL and now campaigns for free speech and on those issues like rape gangs that the authorities want to ignore. He's now a Kipper at heart and we should welcome him.”

Another Ukip spokesman admitted that enthusiasm to let Mr. Robinson join in was growing: “The NEC will discuss motions from branches to be voted on at the party conference, one of which asks the question whether Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join.”

“The NEC always decides what motions will be discussed at the party conference. Any party branch is free to submit a motion to the NEC.”

However, there is also a protest against Mr. Robinson possibly joining. Mr. Ben Walker, a Ukip NEC member, declared that he might leave if the governing body decided to let Mr. Robinson join, saying: “I am categorically against it. We have got a set of rules that differentiate us from the other parties - we don't let people in if they have been in what we consider extreme groups. I don't see why we should change that.”

“We should be concentrating on Brexit and getting the best possible deal - that is why we have seen a jump in membership and in the polls - not because we might let BNP and EDL members in. I would have to seriously consider my position if we let him in.”

Former Ukip leader Mr. Nigel Farage has always rejected overtures by the EDL to work together.


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Bill and Bob Clark. No. 36274 2018-09-06 : 13:49

On February 5 1985 we saw a sea serpent beach itself in San Francisco Bay.

JOHN KERR No. 36275 2018-09-06 : 13:51

great news i hope tommy takes up this offer

Anonymous No. 36276 2018-09-06 : 13:52

Would be funny but it won’t happen. If he ends up in Parliament it is because he is an actor. I wish I could easily explain why this is the case but I will say that the UK is effed beyond most people’s wildest imaginations.

Anonymous No. 36278 2018-09-06 : 14:48

Farage-Robinson team, it’s a longshot but hey, wake up Britons!!!

Anonymous No. 36292 2018-09-06 : 16:58

I like he Farage-Robinson scenario!!BOOMBOOM!!

Anonymous No. 36305 2018-09-06 : 17:59

Tommy Tommy Tommy … Tommy Tommy Robinson !!!

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