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President Trump Warns Canada "Devastating" Taxes Are Looming

The NAFTA talks that have yet to see Canada cut a deal after a stalemate with the U.S. has led to a stark warning from President Trump. The U.S. president said that he did not want to hurt Canada's economy but warned he was not above imposing taxes on cars that would be "devastating" for the northern country.

Trump issued a brief statement aboard Air Force One saying, "If I tax cars coming in from Canada, it would be devastating. But I don't want to do that. I do use that as leverage in negotiating, where they don't want to give us some points. I say that's ok, I'd rather tax your cars coming in, and I win a lot of points because of it."

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The comments were delivered while Trump was on his way to Fargo, North Dakota. At the same time, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland was meeting in Washington with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. The pair has been working on behalf of their respective countries to reach a deal that would keep Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Freeland offered a brief update after a two-hour meeting saying "you could say at this very intense point that we are really in a continuous negotiation." That is where Freeland's hints stopped as he would not even say whether the negotiations would continue into the next week. Lighthizer's next stop is a visit to European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström next week in Brussels.

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One of Trump's top economic advisers Larry Kudlow said Friday morning on Fox news that U.S. access to Canada's protected dairy market is the last hiccup preventing the two countries from reaching an agreement. "I am just saying 'Let go.' Milk, dairy, drop the barriers, give our farmers a break," Kudlow said.

Pressure on Canada mounted last week when the U.S. and Mexico reached a preliminary agreement to replace the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement with a new one. Although Canada is the third NAFTA country, the U.S.'s northern ally was not present at the talks.

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Jeff Allen No. 36460 2018-09-08 : 15:41

C’mon! Canada is maybe one tenth the size of the US in terms of population and Mexico City is about half to three quarters of Canada’s population. Since when should that merit equal trade status? Their land isn’t even their own… “belongs” to the “Crown” for whatever that means.

Anonymous No. 36465 2018-09-08 : 17:22

Free trade is exactly that, free! Why is it so bad that we Americans want free trade? Most Americans don’t know it’s not free as anything we order online from around the world just shows up on our porches. It’s going the other way that gets hammered with tax. For example I used to repair Xbox 360’s with the red ring of death. I had one customer that sent his xbox from Canada for repair. After fixing it I shipped it back even noting it was a customer repair with the declaration stating the same. The customer was hit with a tax/duty that when coupled with the shipping and repair bill cost him as much as going out and getting a brand new one. He said basically that Canada looks at anything shipped in as a new purchase. So my thoughts are match the duties/taxes while we are still the biggest economy instead of building up other countries econs at a cost to Americans. It’s amazing and blatantly obvious where I live that our President is kicking ass for us. Signs everywhere looking for employees! Wages are going up in the Midwest and basically any skilled worker can get a decent paying job again! This oldfag has never experienced a job market like this, as when I 1st started looking for a real job it took probably 25 applications w/resume just to get an interview! Today even if business is slow we will interview just about any applicant. Another thing is pre employment drug screening, we were loosing 2/3rds of qualified applicants due to pot fails so those are no more but we still have new hires sign a drug free workplace agreement stating that we can random test and upon injury tests. America has changed for the better after Barry S tried ruining it. Remember his crap statement that the jobs are gone and never coming back? Well your plan is falling apart since you backed a evil sick horse to finish us off. Thank God we elected The Donald!

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