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Oregon - Serial Rapist From Hit Show "Grimm" Sentenced To 30 Years (Video)

The situation is grim for a former crew member of the hit TV show "Grimm" after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for raping and attacking 11 victims. A victim of 37-year-old serial rapist Thomas Walter Oliver appeared in a downtown Portland courtroom, took a deep breath, and started to read her victim impact statement. She would stand only a few feet from her attacker as she delivered her statement.

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Oliver was working as an independent photographer and videographer in Portland, Oregon where he filmed some of the city's musical acts. It was over a nine-year span of time that Oliver attacked and sexually assaulted his victims. He would become popular among his friends for his close ties to popular media. His career would eventually land him a job as a crew member on NBC's six-season TV show "Grimm" which was filmed in Portland.

The victim who stood before Oliver is now in her 30's, and she looked at her attacker directly in the eyes saying, "I’m the reason you are here. That all these women you delighted in brutalizing are the reason you’re here. Light is the greatest disinfectant. And if anything good can come from this I hope that it will bring attention to the widespread issue of creative scenes protecting men who abuse and mistreat women."

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Oliver stood silently in his blue and pink jail clothes with his court-appointed attorney at his side. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Eric Bergstrom went on to sentence Oliver to 30 years in prison. Oliver was friends with many of his victims who he met in places like music festivals, his neighborhood and even the dating app Tinder. Six of the 11 victims were young than 18 at the time of the assaults, according to prosecutors.

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Oliver's attorney said they decided to agree to a plea deal rather than force his victims and his family to undergo the pain that a trial would bring. Oliver himself offered a few words saying, "I’d like to express my godly sorrow to the court, the community of Portland and my victims. To all of my victims, my prayer is for restorative healing in each life that I have caused hurt." The plea deal Oliver took meant he pleaded guilty to first-degree rape, attempted rape, sodomy, unlawful sexual penetration, sexual abuse and using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct.

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Anonymous No. 36547 2018-09-09 : 13:56

express godly sorrow?

Anonymous No. 36563 2018-09-09 : 18:30

Godly sorrow? Win will the state expedite death row and save tax money?

Anonymous No. 36590 2018-09-09 : 23:20

his room mates will do it for them

Rob Paydon No. 36640 2018-09-10 : 10:44

A rapist and a pedophile…why tf is he still breathing? This evil pos now gets three hots and a cot for the rest of his miserable life paid for by us. Hopefully his cellmate shows him what those women and kids went through

Anon No. 36641 2018-09-10 : 10:46

Trump wants prison reform and to reduce overcrowding? Start by ending evil like this asap. You're guilty here's your needle. Bye Bye

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