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Indivisible, George Soros Newest 'Coalition' Better off Invisible

George Soros and pals have widely known reputation for stirring controversy from within governments and societies across the globe. He's made a career out of pushing an agenda to drive a divide and conquer scheme in many nations then later speculating on their markets for profit. Such is the life of many Globalist Bankers and financiers like Soros. Recently his group Open Societies foundation has backed a new progressive campaign known as ‘Project Indivisible’. Comprised of what seemingly is more of a loose coalition of individual local groups than a centralized top-down organization, many of their financial affiliations are tied into subversive non-profits that manipulate the system in order to further exploit their agenda.

Having looked at some of the groups that flow downward from the George Soros Open Societies Foundation that are in various areas, it seems to be pretty broad inclusion mainline Democratic Committees, Progressives, Social Justice Proponents, Women's clubs, and more extremist outfits like Antifa Their plan seems to be to try to take power at the local level, which is obviously pretty dangerous if they can actually get organized. We've all witnessed the violent acts of the groups such as Antifa and their ilk. That is what George Soros intends to do with Project Indivisible. In fact, they've even outlined their Anti-Trump agenda in a social media posted Game Plan for defeating the Trump Administration.

Indivisible is a new left-wing Astroturf movement that intends to apply pressure towards politicians from the GOP with the endgame of going against President Trump’s agenda. In angering the base in specific GOP members’ constituencies they're able to incite a false sense of a push towards whatever agenda the left intends to throttle. Indivisible is designed to act much like a Tea Party for the left. Indivisible Group’s goals will be to recruit, train, and deploy community organizers and often times violent activists around the country

They will focus on specific toss up states in order to distort politicians’ views of their constituency. Creating chaos could in theory for them cause the Representatives of the Republican Party to support an alternative means to what President Trump hopes to accomplish. Indivisible is made of former Washington DC staffers and various pundits and advocates for progressive ideals from around the country. Indivisible kicked off with a lengthy Facebook post instructing readers on how to resist the current administration’s agenda.

They published a web-based guide for dissemination to locally organized cells outlining community organizing strategies patterned after Saul Alinsky to ultimately bring down the Trump administration. Not surprising that Former President Obama even has his hands dirty into this ordeal, the group is being co-sponsored by Organizing For Action. Many of you will recognize this is Obama’s community organizing group that has been extremely controversial, as no time in history has a former President backed a group to subvert the next Administration. It's borderline treason by definition. Project Indivisible has held several calls seeking to mobilize similarly aligned groups against Trump including Antifa and what's considered the Alt Leftist movements around America. OFA seeks to protect Obama’s legacy by partnering with Indivisible to petition Congress not to repeal the Affordable Care Act for example.

Many of the leaders of Indivisible have incredible ties to George Soros owned and sponsored organizations, suggesting a new level of sophistication and engineering of what's typically rooted in a boots-on-the-ground grassroots organizing method. As inorganic as it may be, Indivisible was able to crank up pressure on its members to attend several GOP politicians’ town hall events all across the country.

In one specific case, a representative had to be safeguarded from his office by law enforcement after being shouted down by rabid protests that threatened and endangered the local community.

Such ties to George Soros and his offspring organizations can never lead to positive outcomes. Project Indivisible’s primary goal appears to be destabilization of the constituency as well as chaos to confuse the base and the elected officials who intend to vote upon their interests.

To make matters more intriguing Indivisible is seeking a 501c3 non-profit status. Such a status in theory should prevent them from being engaged in political action.

In fact, the Internal Revenue Service specifically states “To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

That however hasn't stopped many of the backers of Antifa such as BAMN and NAMBLA from achieving this status. All of which engage in political action through subsidiaries across the United States.

This list of names affiliated with Project Indivisible however shouldn't be surprising as they're all tied loosely to George Soros and crew. Ezra Levin, Executive Director. Leah Greenberg, Chief Strategy Officer. Angel Padela, Policy Director. Sarah Dohl, Chief Communications Officer. Matt Trading, Chief Operating Officer.

A direct quote from the ‘Act Locally’ link on their website says, “Groups in our directory are wholly independent; they are listed provided they agree to resist Trump’s agenda, focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy, and embrace progressive values. Meeting and actions are listed provided their hosts agree to resist Trump’s agenda; focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy; and embrace progressive values.”

To be short and sweet this is a trickledown effect once again from the usual suspects in order to subvert the Trump Administration Agenda. George Soros and even Barack Obama being affiliated with this attempt should result in a Congressional investigation or if the Federal Bureau of Investigation actually did its job for once there would be indictments handed out for attempts to overthrow this democracy in America.

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Fuck George Soros No. 3657 2017-06-14 : 08:35

Globalist scum needs to hang

Anonymous No. 3697 2017-06-14 : 23:09

Red Pill and pals have a reputation for stirring controversy within societies across the globe. He's made a career out of pushing an agenda to drive a divide and conquer scheme in many nations

Anonymous No. 3704 2017-06-15 : 01:49

Soros was a capo in a concentration camp and sold out his own tribe for shekels, he's disgusting, evil garbage.

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