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To the surprise of many in the European Parliament, President Jean-Claude Juncker did not speak of Italy where a populist government leads proceedings since a few months.

Italian Interior Minister Mr. Matteo Salvini, therefore, made sure that he dominated TV highlights in the evening again by going on another talk show up against defendants of immigration.

To great applause from the crowds, the most popular politician in Italy made it clear that when it comes to the topic of immigrants “we need to send them all back with the first plane we can find. We can’t fill Italy with Africa”.

“Africa doesn’t belong in Italy. We have too many of them here in Italy.”

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Meanwhile, the prosecutor who had placed Mr. Salvini under investigation over the illegal detention of migrants (on the Diciotti ship, see our related coverage) has received a death threat in the form of an envelope in his office’s postal box this morning carrying a note and a bullet.

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The package was sent to the office of the chief prosecutor of the Sicilian city of Agrigento, to the attention of Mr. Luigi Patronaggio with a note: “You are under fire.”

The stamp on the envelope carried the symbol of a Gladius sword, a mark which is often used by military groups close to far-right movements.

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When the prosecutor a few weeks ago announced he was investigating Mr. Salvini, the populist politician responded: “I heard prosecutors asked for my details. Here you go. I was born in Milan, 9 March 1973. I’m ready and proud to be arrested because I’m fighting to defend the Italian border.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I interviewed Italy’s ⁦<a href="">@matteosalvinimi</a> for this week’s TIME international cover. “Changing Europe is a big goal, but I think it’s at our fingertips.” He tells me. And much more ⁦<a href="">@TIMEWorld</a>⁩ . <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Vivienne Walt (@vivwalt) <a href="">September 13, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Mr. Salvini is currently, by all accounts, the most popular politician in Italy still. His government of the populist parties Lega Nord and Five Star Movement would easily gain a 60% majority if elections were held this weekend.


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Steve Lee No. 36962 1536851592

It's about time a politician stood up and bucked the systematic destruction of Europe, with all the diverse and beautiful cultures, that exists there.

Anonymous No. 36963 1536851651

Air drop. No chute!👍😠

Anonymous No. 36964 1536851704

put them on rafts

Anonymous No. 36969 1536856832


With that said all neanderthals in North Amerikkka, Africa,Australia,Hawaii etc must find a plane too…

Occupying monkey pig terrorists

Anonymous No. 36970 1536857455

pois falam tanto em diversidade mas o que querem é monocromia dark

Anonymous No. 36971 1536857476

Salvini should catapult them back to Africa and save some money.

Anonymous No. 36990 1536884622

Just stuff them in container ships and send them back. Would be a huge savings in costs.

Anonymous No. 37007 1536898320

Curse Europe.

Anonymous No. 37013 1536906160

Grande grande Salvini !

Anonymous No. 37018 1536908585

Pigs got to eat; put apefricans in pens on hog farms. To the winner goes the spoils

抒情诗、关于抒情古诗_古诗文网 No. 37030 1536914258

Slut bong No. 36973 1536968110
Send them home with a nice basket of cheese and wine- lol. Bye bye 3rd worlders
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