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California - Creepy Fake Uber Driver Tries to Follow Woman Into Her Home

A creepy man pretending to be an Uber driver displayed such erratic behavior responding officers had to restrain him in a body wrap to prevent him from creating further trouble in a California neighborhood on Tuesday.

Police received a frantic call from a woman at 600 block of Gilbert Place in Chula Vista at around 7:30 a.m.

The woman complained to the police that a man approached her and introduced himself as an Uber driver. She promptly told him she didn’t request for an Uber ride. But things didn’t end there as the man tried to follow the woman into her home. Scared for her safety, the woman called the police.

Chula Vista Police Sgt. Steve Szymozak said that it the man followed the woman up to her front door and that it was the good thing the woman was quick enough to close the door preventing his entry into her home.

The man was still lurking in the neighborhood when the police arrived. They started questioning him. But at some point, he started to become violent. He also resisted arrest.

The man’s behavior left the responding officers with no choice but to restrain him with a body wrap. A further search also revealed there was a small amount of cocaine in his SUV.

Szymozak said at the scene: “Suspect is not injured, he is under arrest. He is being transported by AMR to the hospital for evaluation and then he’ll be taken to jail.”

The suspect did not sustain any major injuries from the struggle with the officers, except for some minor scrapes. He will be brought into custody as soon as he is released from the hospital.

The authorities have yet to release his identity. It is not clear if the woman he approached was targeted or he just chanced upon her randomly.

In any case, there appears to be a growing concern for the rise in incidents of fake rideshare drivers victimizing customers across the country. Just recently, there were reports that a man posing as an Uber driver in Las Vegas allegedly attempted to kidnap a woman. The woman bravely escaped from a moving car.

Uber urges all passengers to be extra vigilant when getting on board vehicles by first making sure that the vehicle and license plate number of any car picking them up should match the information given on the app.


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