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Clarence Thomas Responds To Sexual Misconduct Allegations Calling It a High-Tech Lynching

Brett Kavanaugh is facing allegations of sexual misconduct in the 11th hour of his confirmation process. This is reminiscent of when Clarence Thomas faced allegations of sexual misconduct at the end of his confirmation hearing under George H. W. Bush.

Christine Blasey Ford publicly accused Kavanaugh of assaulting her approximately 36 years ago. She doesn’t recall exactly when.

Anita Hill accused Thomas of sexual harassment while working for him at the Department of Education.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Back in the day, Clarence Thomas called it a &quot;High Tech Lynching. <br>Today, in the wake of what&#39;s happening to Kavanaugh, we call this a &quot;Political Lynching. This is the same script from the early 90&#39;s being played out today!</p>&mdash; Diamond and Silk® (@DiamondandSilk) <a href="">September 18, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Kavanaugh has categorically denied the allegations.

This isn’t the first time the Democrats have pulled something like this. In 1991, Clarence Thomas faced similar allegations.

Thomas addressed the Senate Judiciary Committee and categorically denied them.

I believe Thomas gave one of the best speeches ever given by someone being attacked by these Democrats who try to destroy people’s lives just to win.

Thomas’s opening comments:

“I think that this today is a travesty. I think that it is disgusting. I think that this hearing should never occur in America. This is a case in which this sleaze, this dirt, was searched for by staffers of members of this committee, was then leaked to the media, and this committee and this body validated it and displayed it at prime time over our entire nation.”

Thomas continued, “the Supreme Court is not worth it” speaking about what the allegations did to himself and his family: “No job is worth it.”

Thomas called the entire process a “high-tech lynching.”

“From my standpoint as a black American, as far as I’m concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who, in any way, deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S.— U.S. Senate, rather than hung from a tree.”

Video below:

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">They tried to smear the great Clarence Thomas with the same Hail Mary character assassination tactics - it failed because Clarence Thomas fought back, hard<br><br>Why didn’t this woman mention this ever before in 35 years? Why the week of the confirmation vote?<br><br>Political hit job</p>&mdash; Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) <a href="">September 17, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

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tab No. 37395 2018-09-19 : 00:46

too bad Trump couldn't find a brilliant conservative black judge or he could play the race card as did Clarance Thomas. Jackass Joe Biden was chairing the Thomas hearing and as soon as Thomas played 'the race-card' he was confirmed. dems were fearing reprisal from black voters who were too stupid to know that Thomas was an OREO, subservient to his daddy master, Rhenquist.

DA No. 37399 2018-09-19 : 02:02

We all know why Lexy… Sad that this is our government. How can they wonder why ppl are losing respect for ANY kind of authority or each OTHER? … Just DISGUSTING!

Jo No. 37401 2018-09-19 : 02:13

It’s all a stall tactic bought and paid for by the Democrats. They are hoping to take the Senate. I don’t believe the woman for a second.

Mona No. 37406 2018-09-19 : 03:06

What’s happening to Kavanaugh is even worse than what they did to justice Thomas-because the method has been perfected now. This woman IS a professional character assassin, she’s trained in it, teaches it, and knows what to say and when-and every Democrat in Washington knows it and every Republican Trump hater is cheering her on-as Justice Thomas said-this should never happen in America-she is assassinating “Trump” because he nominated this man-disgraceful!!!

Anonymous No. 37423 2018-09-19 : 11:27

The Liberals do not want future picks to adhere to the US Constitution.

Because they want future picks to read INTO the US Constitution their Liberal agenda.

So any SCOTUS pick that actually rules by the US Constitution immediately become a NO GO and any lie to stop the pick is praised by their Fellow Liberal media friends.

BTW: I met Justice Thomas at my University graduation in 1996.

I found him to be a fine well versed Southern Gentleman and his wife from out west was every bit a transplanted Southern Bell .

Regarding the Justice Thomas High-Tech Lynching comment that was made 27 years ago. I have not hear him repeat it in the recent days.

The Liberals have well rewarded Anita Hill since as her Net Worth is now $9+ Million.

I expect the same rewards for this pink hat wearing Fake victim also.

Rock solid reporting. No. 37473 2018-09-19 : 23:17

The Democrats had NOTHING else to do… so they went back to their playbook and are calling the same BS “hit job” and it is now a white man being “lynched”..

Anyone… I mean anyone who believes what is occurring is a REAL claim is either ignorant or lying.

This woman’s claim that the FBI must investigate a “crime” that is NOT even punishable due to the “story” being 36 years old is a laghable SICK joke.

If This works…. and Kavanaugh isn’t seated… we ALL know the truth. The political scum Deepstate will have won again trading truth and light for darkness and evil. These tactics must NOT be rewarded!…. if they are… then America’s future is doomed .

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