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Comey's Secret Twitter Accounts Prove He Has No Integrity Whatsoever

The now confirmed leaked and former FBI Director James Comey has a history of questionable behaviors on social media. At one point it was suggested he was behind a secret Reddit account and it's now confirmed he's operated an alternative account under a pseudonym on Twitter.

On Comey’s account however he appears to be following a reporter from the Washington Post, which is the same reporter who first broke the fabricated “Russian Hacking” story. The narrative put in place by this claim provides no evidence whatsoever for the assertion however that hasn't prevented the alternative left media and propaganda outlets from continue to drive this fiction into the minds of their base.

They're so determined to attack President Trump at every turn that they've now become outlets of conspiracy theorists worse than the actual conspiracy theorists that the DNC and Hillary Clinton attacked during the campaign. Once prize winning publications now daily publish lies without insinuating at all that the actions are “alleged” and run them as if they're facts.

Last night, the infamous Washington Post began once again to publish a new narrative without any evidence to support their half baked claims. In an article they now claim unnamed ‘sources from around the Mueller investigation” are suggesting that President Trump is under investigation by Special Counsel for Obstruction of Justice.

Apparently there is no myth they won't publish. I wouldn't doubt if their ‘investigative journalists’ read children's fairy tales all day without ever leaving the comfort of their office to pursue leads. They must enjoy role playing because the very role that they now play is to peddle nonsense and conspiracy theories.

The mainstream media is laughable at best and the Washington Post is a complete hack job of provocative lies. Such an outlet claims to be respected but exists to push propaganda versus being on the ground chasing the facts.

Certainly they would dispute these claims but in the minds of a large majority of Americans there lay zero trust whatsoever in the ranks of the ‘fake news media’.

Ellen Nakashima is one of four of these ‘reporters’ who has a knack for James Comey. She was involved along with others on the newest piece of fiction this publication is pushing as fact to the general public.

The published work of combined fiction and opinions goes on to state “Trump had received private assurances from then-FBI Director James B. Comey starting in January that he was not personally under investigation. Officials say that changed shortly after Comey’s firing.”

However the article is completely based upon the supposed leaks of anonymous sources. Such is the new basis for pushing propaganda in the mainstream media in America. You can literally claim that extraterrestrials abducted the President if you like because an ‘anonymous source’ in the administration told you about it. While that's a bit far fetched it serves to exemplify the complete hate these outlets have for the President of the United States and the fact there is nothing they wouldn't stoop to committing in order to further their agendas.

Back in March Jones Comey admitted publicly he had a ‘secret’ Twitter account. He stated he had very few followers. Within a matter of a few hours Gizmodo journalist Ashley Feinberg had tracked down accounts that appeared to belong to Comey. All of the accounts were using the pseudonym Reinhold Niebuhr.

Feinberg was able to find the twitter account @projectexile7 which at the time was only following 27 people and had a single follower. Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare, of whom happens to be a close and personal friend of Comey. The account did not have any identifying information in the bio and the avatar was the stock twitter egg avi.

After Gizmodo’s investigative work and publishing the report the account boomed instantly to gaining 7000 followers and was eventually locked down being set to private.

In Feinberg’s extraordinary report she listed that Comey was in fact following several well known journalists via this account. All of those reporters were widely known to be pushing the Trump-Russia propaganda through their non-respected media outlets.

Included in the list of individuals Comey was following were Nakashima and David Ignatius, as well as Adam Goldman and David Sanger of the New York Times. Unsurprisingly to most Americans Nakashima is the individual who broke the Trump-Russia narrative and now is pushing the Obstruction of Justice fabrication without evidence.

At this point the American people have to realize that the FBI Director James Comey had an agenda the entire time. As of his actions on the campaign trail weren't obvious enough and now his admission of leaking stories to the Press isn't a testament to himself and his character one must ask why was this many leading the nation's most prominent law enforcement agency at all? He seemingly has alternative motives of some sort.

The Washington Post also needs to be held accountable. It's up to actual investigative journalists to call out their peers (which they have been doing) for their gross misrepresentation of facts. Nakashima has a history of such nonsense however. Remember she was the first to also push the narrative that Russian Hackers somehow wrote responsible for the DNC and to this day even Congressional members suggest this without any evidence.

Every time these publications make such claims it's the same tried and worn out agenda and endgame. They also use the same ‘anonymous sources told us’ assertion. It's pathetic at best.

What's most certainly true is those who would have the skills to commit such acts or fulfill the assertions allegations despise the mainstream media and the Washington Post especially. I wholeheartedly doubt if someone were to leak important information they'd do it to such a shameful outlet in the future. Outside of James Comey that Is, who clearly was a threat to the integrity of the United States of America.


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Anonymous No. 3754 2017-06-15 : 21:29

Could you try not to choose conspiracy sites for your'sources'

The Guy Above Me Is A Paid Shill No. 3769 2017-06-16 : 03:03


The guy above me is a dickhead No. 3774 2017-06-16 : 03:42

Trump's Twitter Accounts Prove He Has No Integrity Whatsoever

At current rate Trumps weekly flights will cost 65o Million Dollars for his term in office yet cutting healthcare is OK… Now who's the shill?

Trump, was regular at Gambino club's in NY, Comey helpeed convict Gambinos, Trump gains office, Comey gets fired(ya know, we had that thing).

Translation, anyone can throw mud, it's easy, Making baseless and dumb comments even easier, the differencer? I wouldn't whore myself or be blind, you? you'll say anything to deflect truth.

Regarding Trump- Gambino connection, it's a matter of public record, he, in the past even admitted it. though it's true, herealised he'd fucked up(again) and retracted it

Oh and one last thing, that 'interview' you claim to have had RP, you know with Joseph Billie? He still doesn't know who you are, funny that

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