By: Courtney Tubbs | 09-20-2018 | News
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Multiple Dead at Aberdeen, Maryland Rite Aid Mass Shooting by Female Gunman

A tragic scene occurred on Thursday at a Rite Aid warehouse center near Aberdeen, Maryland, which left "multiple fatalities" and countless wounded victims, law enforcement officials said.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler called the shooting a "tragic event,” in a scene of terror that broke out just 55 miles to the north of Baltimore.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Medic leaving area of shooting with multiple victims in business park in Aberdeen. Aberdeen police just told me shooter not apprehended, situation &quot;fluid&quot; <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Jayne Miller (@jemillerwbal) <a href="">September 20, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Having confirmed that at least three employees were murdered in the shooting, FBI Tactical Response Special Agents could be seen unloading gear nearby after they found the suspect.

No law enforcement officials fired any shots, Gahler said, and at this time there are no confirmations as to any motives.

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A spokesperson for the Aberdeen Police said that the suspect is a female shooter, who has since been wounded and transported to a nearby hospital.

She is alleged to have opened fire on the Rite Aid support facility, and "from what I understand is the location is secure," Rite Aid spokeswoman Susan Henderson said.

An estimated 1,000 employees work at the Rite Aid support facility in Aberdeen, she said.

"The distribution center is where products are received and processed for delivery," she said. "This is part of a large facility that is a distribution center. The shooting happened adjacent to the primary building."

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The FBI Baltimore office and special agents from the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms were also assisting in the investigation.

Authorities responded to Spesutia and Perryman roads in Perryman outside of Aberdeen, which is the location of Enterprise Business Park.

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Sheriff's deputies responded at 9:09 AM this morning.

In addition to the Rite Aid warehouse, the business center has other known corporate tenants.

Those include Zenith Freight Lines, TruAire, the Clorox Company, and Maines Paper & Food Service.

"We are closely monitoring the horrific shooting," Gov. Larry Hogan said. "Our prayers are with all those impacted, including our first responders. The state stands ready to offer any support."

Liberals are already seizing the moment to call for gun control, which while it shows their Marxist desires, it also is alarming that these places of business don't hire armed guards.

Today's shooting is the third mass shooting in the country in the span of a single day.

None are to blame outside of the shooters, and the facilities which fail to protect their workers.

There was the mass shooting at an office complex in Middleton, Wisconsin that left three people injured Wednesday, and later, another gunman opened fire on four people at the Masontown Borough Municipal Center in Pennsylvania.

This is why we have a right to bear arms. The world is not a safe space. It's vindictive, cruel, and vicious.

We will update with any additional information you may need as it arrives.

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Anonymous No. 37523 2018-09-20 : 17:56

Well we knew full well that these incidents were going to happen. We just didn't know where and when. The left are so DESPERATE right now. They have no conscience when it comes to the lives of others. Unfortunately, it may only get worse. Please pray for the lost loved ones.

Anonymous No. 37532 2018-09-20 : 21:55

Watch the fake news report (that's if they report) that the woman was driven to this by her abusive husband. That or the shooter identifies as a male.

Anonymous No. 37534 2018-09-20 : 22:01

Definitely, one to watch here. You can bet there will be some spin put on this.

Anonymous No. 37552 2018-09-21 : 00:35

Using effectively military personnel against a lone female shooter, overreacting much?

Or is it that women are much more dangerous than once thought?

Anonymous No. 37553 2018-09-21 : 00:56

>>37524, Now hold on there tiger. Swat loaded with pink dot ammo. They just didn't have time to put the pussy hats on.

Anonymous No. 37555 2018-09-21 : 01:27


Anonymous No. 37527 2018-09-22 : 19:52

Courtney DeAnne Tubbs-Moseley, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I went to high school with you at Alma Bryant High in Irvington Alabama. My name is Quantavius Washington. I'm the tall black guy from the basketball team that you fucked in the bathroom on April 16th, the day after your birthday.

AristotleClone No. 37528 2018-09-23 : 18:28

You racist fuknNeanderthals, it's long past tine we evil caucs started dying at the hands of superior Blacks.

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