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Banned From Banned Books Week

September 23-29 is banned books week. Generally books like Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch are lumped together to project an image of an America that's moved past censorship and book banning. Is this really the case however? Free speech is of vital importance, but the speech most in need of protecting will always be that which is controversial, unpopular and (to use an SJW buzzword) "problematic."

Have we really moved past the era of book burning and censorship, though? More and more books are disappearing from Amazon. Any sort of revisionist literature related to the Holocaust is sure to cause problems.

Last year, the World Jewish Congress and Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum petitioned Jeff Bezos to strike works by Carlo Mattogno and Germar Rudolf from the digital shelves. Instantly, hundreds of books were unavailable from Amazon's platforms. John C. Ball, Arthur Butz, Thomas Dalton, Robert Faurisson, Jürgen Graf, Don Heddesheimer, David Hoggan, M.S. King, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Barbara Kulaszka, Thomas Kues, Robert Lenski, Fred Leuchter, Carlo Mattogno, Warren Routledge, Germar Rudolf, Walter Sanning, Wilhelm Stäglich, Victor Thorn, Ingrid Weckert and Peter Winter were among those who were subject to instant "digital bookburning."

Michael Hoffman, the author of <a href="">a piece at</a> related to Banned Books Week, contacted the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom and the American Booksellers Association asking for their two cents on the matter. Not surprisingly they didn't respond.

Speaking of revisionist history, if you'd like books from the Barnes Review, as the old commercial goes, "they don't take American Express." Sadly, they can't accept paypal or find anyone who is willing to process credit cards for them. Their sister site America Free Press also features books by dissident scholars like Victor Thorn whose books are repressed and suppressed elsewhere.

The Committee for Open Debate On the Holocaust (CODOH) wrote regarding how Hitler's Mein Kampf and Henry Ford's Protocols Of the Learned Elder of Zion were still available pointing to the possibility that discussion of alternate hypotheses regarding the Holocaust were more important to disappear down the memory hole than the kind of "hate speech" and anti-Semitism that might be promoted in such historical works.

<a href="">CODOH also points out</a> that before the US intelligence community (specifically the CIA) became one of Amazon's largest clients, Bezos had a far more libertarian view towards stocking books saying: “… we want to make every book available — the good, the bad and the ugly … to let truth loose."

Similarly, books by the historian David Irving are now banned for sale at eBay on the grounds that they are "considered to be a form of propaganda." <a href="">A user at eBay complained</a> regarding the fact that books that don't even discuss the Holocaust by Irving (including a biography on Churchill) were also targeted in the purge.

It's not just Amazon and eBay either.

Best-selling author Matt Margolis found himself banned from Facebook while he was attempting to promote his book The Worst President in History (a critical look at the Obama presidency). He was also unable to appeal his ban. <a href="">CNN even took liberties with context</a> to try and frame his answers to an email interview as racist rants. This type of "internet blacklisting" along with deplatforming and cutting off means of making a living (PayPal and card processors refusing to work with an author or organization due to political differences).

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali Islam reformer and author of the books Nomad, Infidel and Heretic, is another example. She wrote the script for the film Submission 1. The filmmaker, Theo Van Gogh, was decapitated after the film was made and, as a result, the second part was never filmed. When Ali attempted to speak, she was blocked on the grounds that her concerns about the sort of extremism that resulted in Van Gogh's death amounted to "hate speech."

When was the last time you saw a "banned books" section in your local library or bookstore that prominently features work William Luther Pierce (author of the Turner Diaries) or Alexander Solzenitsyn's Crucifixion of Russia?

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"were still available pointing to the possibility that discussion of alternate hypotheses regarding the Holocaust"

No. You're just retarded.

Anonymous No. 37808 2018-09-23 : 15:18

If you want to learn who who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

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it is beyond what you assume.

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you're a criminal, and you're about to become a criminal again

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