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Mexico's Truckloads Of Corpses Highlights The Need For A Wall

The violence in Mexico is so severe that a startling revelation has left people in shock after it was revealed that police have been forced to store hundreds of dead bodies in semi-truck trailers due to overflowing morgues. The revelation came after an 18-wheeler got stuck in the mud in the dilapidated neighborhood of Paseos del Valle which lies on the outskirts of Guadalajara. The truck itself was not unusual, but it did have a police escort.

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When the massive semi-truck pulled on to a muddy part of the roadway it became stuck between a row of homes and a cornfield. Dogs in the neighborhood barked non-stop at the vehicle which was exuding an awful stench. A hospital maintenance worker named Alejandro Espinosa described the smell saying, "It was a smell of death." Locals soon gathered around the source of the putrid odor and several young men pushed past police and forced open the trailer's doors and what they saw shocked them.

The crowd gathered around was astonished to see hundreds of human bodies wrapped in garbage bags and duct tape that were piled on top of each other. Local officials finally admitted that 273 corpses had been dumped in the trailer after the local morgue ran out of space. The truck had been aimlessly drifting around the suburbs of Guadalajara for two weeks as officials scramble to find a solution to the incessant violence and corpse storage resulting.

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Jalisco officials revealed that they had been using stationary trailers to store bodies for at least two years. For Mexico, the violence presents a decades-old problem stemming from the powerful drug cartel, but what does it mean for America? The problem America must confront is a porous border which is allowing illegal trades to flourish. For every bust that Border Patrol agents produce, another 10 shipments likely slipped past unnoticed.

The violence highlights the need for a secure border wall between the United States and Mexico or the illegal trafficking will continue and with it will come increasing violence in southern border states like New Mexico and Texas. Mexico launched it's own failed war on drugs 12 years ago since then more than 200,000 people have died an another 35,000 are missing.

Guadalajara is not the only city whose morgue has been overwhelmed by the number of dead bodies but it is the largest. The director of the Jalisco Forensic Science Institute (IJCF) Octavio Cotero was fired after the trailer's contents were discovered. Cotero said after his firing, "We never had enough economic resources" and "the governor was misinformed".

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The situation in Mexico is so dire that hundreds of corpses are left rotting in trailers despite the decade-old militarized war on drugs. Eduardo Caccia of the newspaper Reforma wrote, "In other parts of the world it would be a bigger scandal. In Mexico, it’s another crime story – this time on wheels." Mexico's second city and the surrounding state of Jalisco have been subject to an increase in violent crime. The escalation has been attributed to a split between the Jalisco New Generation cartel (CJNG) and the Sinaloa cartel.

Jalisco officials said they are simply unable to keep up with the killing with 444 bodies waiting to be identified as of last week. Cotero said, "I told the prosecutor: 'I have nowhere to keep the bodies. They're already stacked up." The storage of bodies in trailers is said to be a temporary measure until a new cemetery can be built, but the problem has already persisted for two years. Complaints by local residents, however, have halted construction on the new cemetery indefinitely.

When the first trailer filled up, police were forced to conceal it in a warehouse in the nearby city of Tlaquepaque to make room for a second trailer. When municipal inspectors concluded the building was constructed without the proper permits, the truck was moved to Paseos del Valle but became stuck in the mud en route to its destination.

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A representative of a Jalisco group of relatives of missing people said the trailer "is just the tip of the iceberg." They estimate that five state investigators assigned to handle missing person cases had around 400 case files each. Pedro Kumamoto, an independent congressman, said Jalisco investigators had been slow to adopt judicial reforms that focus on a presumption of innocence and oral trials to help curb law enforcement from using coercive tactics including torture.

Kumamoto added, "The Jalisco prosecutor's office received an enormous number of warnings from the human rights commission. It resolved cases through torture and not investigations." Local tabloids dubbed the foul-smelling discovery the "trailer of death" as a final rebuke to president Enrique Peña Nieto who was recently replaced. Nieto was elected in December of 2012 and campaigned on the promise to modernize the country, but his efforts as president were seemingly not focused on curbing the epidemic of violence.

Diego Petersen Farah of the Guadalajara newspaper El Informador placed similar blame on Nieto’s ally governor Aristótles Sandoval. "There was always an effort by the government to downplay the security problem," Farah wrote. "They always wanted to hide the problems of security – but it became visible with these trailers." It is essential that American's put America first and prioritize securing our own borders over anything else or in another 20 years America will be just another Mexico.

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