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North Dakota - Murderer Of Pregnant Neighbor Pressured To “Produce a Baby”

A woman from North Dakota convicted of killing her pregnant neighbor with the intent of getting her unborn child by horrifically cutting the baby from her womb said in her testimony on Tuesday that she was so desperate to “produce a baby” because her boyfriend pressured her to do so after he found out that she lied about being pregnant.

The scheming Brooke Crews admitted to the court that she faked a pregnancy to keep from losing her man, William Hoehn.

It was revealed in court that the two had a rather rocky and violent relationship, fueled by drugs and alcohol. Crews shared they even broke up at one point when he learned that she was lying about being pregnant. Before that, she went so far as emailing him a phony positive pregnancy test and sonogram photo.

Hoehn told Crews in early August that she needed “to produce a baby”’ after discovering her pregnancy lie. Crews took it to mean that such was “an ultimatum.”

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Hoehn is also on trial for conspiracy in the August 2017 death of Crews’ neighbor, 22-year-old Savanna Greywind. Hoehn has made an admission in court that he helped Crews to cover up for the crime. He, however, claimed that he didn’t know that Crews planned to kill Greywind to take her baby. Crews also testified that she never “explicitly” told her boyfriend about her plan regarding the baby.

Crews also testified that Hoehn appeared surprised when he entered the bathroom in their apartment and found out that she had cut Greywind’s baby from her body. Crews said then that Hoehn did the horrific act of retrieving a rope and tightening it around Greywind’s neck and saying, “If she wasn’t dead before, she is now.”

Crews originally told police that she had an agreement with Greywind that the latter would give her baby to her. She later modified her story and told police that they argued and she pushed Greywind down and knocked her out before cutting her open.

Another shocking revelation made in court was Crews sharing the detail that she and Hoehn kept ropes around their house because he liked to tie her up during sex, including tying the rope around her neck. She also disclosed that Hoehn shared to her his fantasies about killing people and that she initially told him she would be interested in that, too.

Crews had pleaded guilty to murder and is serving life in prison without parole. She also said she has no agreement with prosecutors for a lesser sentence in exchange for testifying.

The baby survived and is now being raised by family.


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