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North Carolina - Woman Nearly Dies After Fire Ants Attacked Her In Her Yard

It was supposed to be just an ordinary and even relaxing activity for a North Carolina woman doing some landscaping work in her yard on Saturday when things took a shocking turn that put even her life in danger.

Donna Kearns encountered a terrifying ants attack after a weed killer she was spraying landed on a fire ant pile, and before she could fully react, ants were crawling all over her body.

Kearns recalled in an interview with local media: “The biting started instantly, and you could tell because it’s like pins going through you.”

Kearns started to feel sick and just collapsed in her front yard. Such was the effect of her having an allergic reaction to the ant bites.

It’s a good thing that she’s still lucky somehow in spite of the unexpected ant's attack. A couple driving past Kearns’ home saw her on the ground and had the concern and the quick-thinking to stop by to check on her and help.

The woman then knocked on the door to let anyone know of what happened to the lady of the house. Kearns’ husband answered and called 911.

First responders arrived quickly, and they were able to determine that she was having an allergic reaction before things got any worse.

Kearns could only be thankful that she was saved, and lady luck still smiled on her with the couple just passing by deciding to help her. She said:”It wasn’t meant to be, I guess it wasn’t my time to go.”

Speaking of the woman who knocked on her house’s door to inform her unsuspecting husband of what happened to her, Kearns said: “She was in the right place at the right time, and thank God she stopped. And I love her to death.”


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Anonymous No. 38194 2018-09-28 : 15:24

Guess where Fire Ants came from? Yep! South of the border crossing back in the late 60's

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