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New York - Cleaning Lady “Drank All My Liquor And Fucked Up My Home"

A Brooklyn woman hired house cleaners hoping to come home to a spic-and-span place where she can best relax. To her horrific shock, however, by the time she came back from work, the only area in the house the maids bothered to clean was the liquor cabinet, and that’s only because they freely helped themselves to partake of her alcoholic drinks stash.

The woman came home to find her Williamsburg pad totally thrashed- definitely far messier and disorderly than the state she left it with for the maids to clean. She also discovered that the cleaners helped themselves to her ice cream in the fridge. The worst sight of all is finding of the maids passed out drunk on the kitchen floor.

29-year-old Genevieve Snow hired the two ladies from Joanna’s Cleaning Service. Before she left for work, she gave the workers $180 in fees plus $60 in tips. But she came back shelling out more money, close to $400 for the damages the cleaners caused to her unit.

Snow said she discovered her spice rack was smashed, her marble coffee table upended which smashed a stone bowl, keys were gone, her booze stash gone, and there was ice cream left on the sofa.

When Snow asked the cleaning company for reimbursement, they got back to her with sob stories instead. The company tried to make excuses for the cleaners who messed up, saying the one Snow discovered passed out on her kitchen floor had the miserable fortune of her husband leaving her, and finding out that her teen daughter is pregnant.

Snow left her unit in horror and disgust and immediately called the cops. They came back to her place to find the maid already awake and eating what’s left of the ice cream. Snow said she must have finished two bottles of her liquor stash. Cops sent the maid to a hospital for a check-up

The cops didn’t take a report since they told Snow the maids did not commit any crime and advised her to take her case to a “civil court.”

She got back to the cleaning company and her contact there, Joanna Oltuszewska. However, the company only stuck to their sob story argument and didn’t appear as if they are interested in correcting the aggravation caused on Snow by reimbursing her for the fees and expenses or even just apologizing for the huge inconvenience.

When the cleaning services stopped responding altogether to Snow’s emails, Snow decided to post online about her shocking experience with the cleaning services. She also wrote a bad review for Joanna Cleaning Service’s Yelp page. And that’s when another mystery was unraveled.

An owner named Joanna Sokolowska saying it wasn’t her company, Joanna Cleaning Service, that cleaned Snow’s home. She also said that Oltuszewska was her former employee whom she fired in 2013, and who set up her own company.

For now, Snow’s only concern is whom to send her bill to for the damages done or whom to file a lawsuit against between the tale of two Joannas. Snow only knows someone must be held accountable for what was done to her and her home.


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Anonymous No. 38598 2018-10-03 : 17:43

if obama had a maid

Whitey No. 38608 2018-10-03 : 22:29

Embarrasment to us Poles who are drunks and only trash our own domi. Dupa dios!

Anonymous No. 38611 2018-10-03 : 23:18


Anonymous No. 38626 2018-10-04 : 02:59

I better lock up my booze

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