By: Savannah Smith | 10-04-2018 | News
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Mexico - Crime Wave Leaves Men Naked, Tied To Poles With Their Butts Spanked

One of Mexico’s most enticing coastal destinations which have attracted millions of tourists each year and has gotten rave reviews now finds its reputation marred by a baffling controversy.

The resort town of Puerto Vallarta is famous for its magnificent beaches, quirky shops, and scenic lush palm-covered mountains. Nowadays, however, the once popular destination is making headlines for an infamous reason: a “naked mystery.” People have said to have been abducted, stripped, and tied to lampposts with their behind in full display.

The local police have already confirmed the strange incidents and have already started an investigation to, well, get to the bottom of things. The police, however, declined to give details on how many similar incidents they’re looking into. Local media have reported at least 10 cases of the puzzling “naked phenomenon.” There were also local reports that say that the incidents happened within minutes of each other on two different nights.

The victims also had the letter “R” marked on their heads, and the common assumption so far is that it stands for the Spanish word for “rat”, a local term that means thief.

With lack of solid facts and details on the incidents so far, speculations are spreading including the theory that it could be a bizarre twist in the local gang wars. This has yet to be verified due to victims’ reluctance to talk as to why they are being humiliated that strange way and who is behind it, and the inability of some to remember what really happened to them.

Police said only one victim has given details saying he was abducted by strangers in his home and then brought to a farm where he was beaten up.

Mexico has been in the news this year due to its skyrocketing murder rates. The U.S. government has issued travel advisories to Americans traveling to Mexico to exercise extra caution and vigilance while in the foreign country.


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