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Male Students Under Attack By "Make Them Scared" Website For Uncorroborated Sexual Assaults

The hypocritical left-wing universities are at it again, this time they are out to bypass our justice system and ruin a young man's life at the whim of anyone willing to file an assault claim on a new website. The site features dozens of unsubstantiated allegations against male students and essentially doxes them with unverified information. Even the moderators of the site say to take all allegations "with a grain of salt" just to cover their butts which seems indicative to me they know they are subjecting themselves to defamation lawsuits.

The website is being run by University of Washington students and allows individuals to publicly accuse people of sexual assault without any shred of evidence required, not a police report, not a photo, not a statement, not even a witness is required. The website calls itself "Make them scared UW" and was first registered in November of last year but didn't launch until September, according to the Daily UW campus newspaper.

Just as you might expect, the list of accused rapists and sexual predators has substantially increased in the wake of the rape claims against U.S. Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, another case of a sexual assault claim being levied against a person of high credibility without a shred of evidence. But because of today's politically correct, women-first, social justice culture, the accusation was enough to cause the entire country to be put on hold and national hearings held.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">A website run by <a href="">@UW</a> students accuses men of rape with zero evidence. <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Disgusting</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Backward America (@BackwardAmerica) <a href="">October 5, 2018</a></blockquote>

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One of the students who has been publicly shamed on the website says that the allegation against him is completely false. Not only does he say the allegations are false, but the University of Washington itself dismissed the allegations against him as completely uncorroborated. The university even cleared him of any wrongdoing. At this point, I think the male student should sue the website's owners for defamation and a whole host of problems the appearing on the website has created for him.

Of course, every name on the website is male and it includes not just their names but which schools they attend, many of them are University of Washington students. After the word of the site spread, other universities began reporting uncorroborated slanderous accusations toward anyone they feel like. There is a process in place for justice in this country and it involves going to the police and making a police report so that the authorities can conduct an investigation, collect evidence, and use that evidence to convict the perpetrator of the crime.

That is not the job of some purple-haired SJW's at a liberal university with nothing better to do with their time than to advocate that all men are rapists if we say they are. Whoever designed the site failed to include any mechanisms to verify the veracity of the accusations it publishes. The websites lowlife moderators try to hide behind disclosures such as the one here that says, "Please remember, just because a name is on this list does not mean the individual is guilty. All it means is that we have received an accusation against them."

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">U of Washington: Mean girls there have set up a website to anonymously, and without evidence, accuse boys on campus of rape (which, as we know, can mean anything from not calling the next day, to a sideways glance). Site&#39;s name: &quot;Make Them Scared UW&quot;.<a href=""></a></p>&mdash; The Notorious P.O.S. ΑΩ☾ (@FishEaters) <a href="">October 5, 2018</a></blockquote>

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So far, the moderators of the site have refused to respond to requests to comment and when The College Fix tried to ask the moderators about whether they had concerns about accusations being levied against innocent people they still declined to respond. The FAQ page of the website says, "Make them scared UW is a communal rape list."

It goes on to say it is "intended to be an online hub for anyone who wants to expose the names of their attackers and harassers and to fill a gap left by inadequate treatment of these cases by formal institutions. One of our site’s moderators will review your submission, verify your contact information, and after receiving your confirmation, publish the information you provided us (minus any personally identifying info) on the list page on our site."

The site's front page says, "We do not have the ability to determine whether an accused party is guilty or innocent of the accused acts, so take all names listed with a grain of salt." The College Fix managed to reach one of the students on the website's list, a young man described as a student at University of Washington who denied having sexually assaulted anyone.

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The male student said, "I was investigated by my school’s office and found that there was insufficient evidence of what she was accusing me of." He said the allegation occurred after a night of fun in which he and his accuser "both got pretty drunk," after which he performed oral sex on her. After he attempted to initiate intercourse, his accuser said no, at which point he "backed off". So we have an excellent case of, "Sure you can eat me out but if you think you're getting anything out of this than your dead wrong because I'm going to cry rape."

Sure enough, that is what the girl did. "This girl gave the investigator at my school literally everything, our facebook messages, our snapchat messages (she saved all of them), text messages, and even my Reddit account and I was deemed to be so not a threat to her that the investigator didn’t even care if I was in the same class as her," the student continued. He also said he wasn't even aware of the "Make Them Scared" website until he was contacted by the media.

A spokesman for the campus named Victor Balta said, "The contents of the website are very concerning, and the UW is committed to our work toward preventing sexual violence and sexual harassment, maintaining support and protections for anyone who experiences such violence, properly investigating and addressing allegations, and upholding due process." When asked whether Balta knew the site is being run by University of Washington students he said, "We don’t know for certain."

If you would like to call the University of Washington for yourself and let them know how you feel you can reach the universities Senior Director of Media Relations University Spokesperson at 206-543-2580.

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Rage No. 38763 2018-10-06 : 01:35

This is going beyond ridiculous. There seems to be little or no consequences for these sjw idiots. The universities should kick them out for such actions and the site sued. Only when these psycho brats discover consequences the hard way, will they think twice before acting out.

sssscs No. 38766 2018-10-06 : 01:58

it's time men and women(mind you i said women not undeveloped girls) that they should start their own site that puts the names of these undeveloped girls and false accusations on a list to be careful around and to keep your distance from.

Anonymous No. 38767 2018-10-06 : 01:59

THIS is why people are gradually, but increasingly, going to prostitutes, sex vacations in Latin countries with others eventually joining suit, and mail order brides, amongst others I may not have thought of. You try and be the red blooded male your parents raised you to be, a natural one with healthy hormones, and these vapid whores, who'd let dumbasses screw them Kardashian style, go after the normal guy and ruin their life forever. This makes it where women won't be believed because they cried wolf too much and ruined a good man's life because of a man striking a balance between following his hormones and respecting a woman's choice. What next? Preschool boy throwing stuff at a girl and then she screams rape and the boy's in juvie? Give me a break. This is why I'd rather buy my sex, since you use money to attract a woman anyway with various activities. Might as well get straight to the point and have no worries about rape allegations.

sssscs No. 38768 2018-10-06 : 02:04

by the way i'm a woman and i have 6 great brothers and if you my family would roll over and let false accusations be made you would be as i have 4 sisters who would not take kindly to a family we might have our differences but when attack one you attack all and we will stand up togather .

Anonymous No. 38778 2018-10-06 : 10:12

In the last 50 years, the Democrats / Liberals have started:

* Race War when they were the originators of the KKK and have been pushing racial politics for 250+ years.

* LGBT revolutionists

* Feminists which the leadership turned out to be mainly Lesbian.

* Called Sexual intercourse between a husband and wife RAPE.

* Used a few infrequent high profile Rape cases to push board changes in laws.

* made moves to label every man a Rapists

* Started the BLM movement

* Openly promoted Cop killing and resistance

* Allowed Riots and Looting

* Allowed a legally documented rapist to serve as president.

* Allowed a criminally liable & plea bargained out disbarred lawyer run for president 2x.

* Openly hold double standards allowing their own party members a pass.

* Open calls for assassination of the President.

* Publish and leak political rival family member data to allow terrorists to attack them.

* Physically assault, harass and threaten rival political members eating out.

* Call for parts of the US Bill of Rights to be repealed.

* Create and publish fake and misleading news and stories only to retract them quietly hours later.

* Threaten and smear US Constitutional following judges just because the judge does not rule their way.

* Openly support defying US Laws regarding Illegal Immigration.

* Have ran a Taxpayer funded Welfare Plantation for 60 years for Votes.

* Call, label any Black-America that chooses to be a Conservative or escape their plantation and Uncle Tom.

An I have only addressed the top tip of the iceberg.


Now the Liberal Democrats are slandering ex-boyfriends because the relationship ended.

My Answer


Tab No. 38789 2018-10-06 : 13:51

this is why the Arabs keep their bitches under control. legalize "female circumcision". that'll teach the bitches…

Tab No. 38798 2018-10-06 : 14:50

the bitches will be sued BUT….. they get away with this crap because men have turned into candy-asses. if you are on that list, tell THE BITCHES to FUCK OFF. simply repeat after me: "HEY FEMINIST WHORES! FUCK OFF! "

Anonymous No. 38813 2018-10-06 : 21:46

this is the easiest target for trolls ever:

"my name is spurdo sparde last night three finnish men attacked me with their benises outside helsinki band id hurd my banus vary mach"

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