By: Lawrence Synder | 11-07-2016 | News
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Clintons’ Top Donor Reportedly Influenced National Enquirer to Drop Negative Stories About Them

A memo recently unveiled by WikiLeaks has revealed that Marc Lasry, a top donor of the Clinton Foundation, allegedly influenced the National Enquirer to avoid publishing reports that could have damaged the reputation of the political family.

In the memo dated 2011, which was sent out by Doug Band, an aide to the Clinton Family, Lasry was praised for his contributions to Hillary and Bill’s various projects and endeavors. But aside from these, Band also noted that Lasry was a key figure in “killing potential unfavorable stories in the Enquirer,” according to Politico.

Although it has not yet been confirmed which stories Band referred to in the memo, it is clear that Lasry is capable of controlling certain media agencies to protect the Clintons. That’s because he is founder of the hedge fund Avenue Capitol Group, which owns the majority share of the $513 million debt of National Enquirer’s publisher American Media Inc.

However, the National Enquirer has already denied these allegations and maintained that no one can influence the stories published by the agency. Still though, Lasry stands to lose a lot if the Clintons’ were once again entangled in a damaging controversy. After all, he personally donated about $142,500 to the Clinton Foundation and promised another $ 2 million.

Aside from his donations, Lasry also did various favors for Hillary and Bill such as lending them his private plane and helping their daughter Chelsey land a job at Avenue Capital Group as a chemical industry analyst. He was also credited for helping Chelsey’s husband Marc Mezvinsky for his own hedge fund.

Although Band and Lasry have refused to comment on the allegations regarding the National Enquirer’s stories, more details about this issue will probably surface within the next few weeks as the FBI continues to investigate Hillary and her private email server. Given the number of communication materials that passed through this server, there could be some that refer to the damaging stories mentioned by Band in his memo.

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